Boss is an exceptional software designed by the Integra Group to tend to the needs of businesses. The vendor thinks out of the box to help companies accomplish their goals. It rightfully addresses the problems faced by the clients so they can root for productive outcomes. 

Boss is set on an endeavor of innovation to simplify the way clients run businesses. Being an all-rounder customer relationship management software, Boss rules the service sector. This flexible platform has made reporting easier with up-to-date Business Intelligence Leads. In addition, it delivers the right ROI by adapting to the needs of businesses.  

Boss Software Features: 

Labor Forecasting: 

With its labor forecasting feature, Boss proves that it is an ideal software for construction companies. They can promptly get a rough estimate of the labor costs by using the impeccable cost calculation tools of this application. These future insights help set aside proper budgets for various projects. There’s even a seasonality calculator to assess the needs of various service sectors beyond the seasonal barriers.  

Lead Management: 

CRM and lead management is the awe-inspiring service of this platform. Boss software captures leads, handles CRM, identifies prospect opportunities, and sets effective marketing campaigns to handle the sales side of businesses. It features multiple industry-specific sales pipelines by unifying the CRM with the true needs of companies to accelerate their growth rate. It is a way to keep all teams in sync, assuring consistent information flow. 

Role-based Access: 

Trust is a vital element that sometimes causes businesses to fall apart. Not all employees should have access to a critical database. Thus Boss offers a role-based access service to provide customizable data access options. Employees can request data access, but the upper hand for giving those approvals stays with the trustworthy business managers. This adjustable access leads to optimized workflows as the crucial information remains in the right hands.  

Boss Software Cost: 

The pricing details for Boss are not made public. However, we know for sure that the cost structure Boss software practices is set per month. To get exact pricing details, send in a request to the Boss sales team.  

Boss Software Demo: 

Eager to start to journey with Boss construction software? Don’t hesitate and request a demo for the Boss platform. Boss has constructed a flawless demo to show clients what it has to offer for streamlining their business.  

Boss Reviews: 

The reviews of Boss are out of this world. The prospective partners of Boss laud it for how it manages the exceptional customer relationship management process. The reviews of Boss are enough to understand how satisfied clients are with the services of Boss. All this is because it boosts the productivity of businesses by bidding farewell to manual processes.  

Our Thoughts: 

Boss is the best pick for businesses seeking ways to improve their profitability level at a minimal cost. Assuring significant returns on investment, Boss software wins the heart of many organizations. It offers everything one needs to make informed decisions to shape the workflows of businesses.

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