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Estimating Link is a system for construction estimating and bidding. It is appropriate for the major highway, environmental, bridge, site-work, civil projects, and state and private commercial work. 

Estimating Link bidding solution enables users to build and reuse task data from previous jobs and scale tasks to the amount of work done. The solution includes subcontractor/material and rate table comparisons and a fuel worksheet that automatically recalculates the appropriate resources. It also allows you to shift revenue sources to capitalize on quantity overruns or underruns. In addition, users can review their bids for any problems, and the application will alert them to potential hazards and oversights.  

Estimating Link Software  Key Features 

Bid Sheets 

The Estimating Link bidding solution summarizes all the main items, with unit costs multiplied by the Bid Quantity. You can incorporate project overhead, bond costs, corporation overhead, and desired profit percentages. 

Data Organization 

Crews, Template Items, and Catalogs make it simple and structured to save and reuse data. You can categorize and password-protect your estimates, and you can use libraries to keep client and vendor data at the ready with the click of a mouse. Finally, the Subcontractor and Rate Table comparison modules simplify evaluating vendors and rates and updating your complete bid with the lowest cost at the eleventh hour. 


Estimating Link Construction Software can export data directly into accounting and project management systems and interacts with DOT electronic bidding systems. In addition, multiple estimators can modify the same project simultaneously thanks to multi-user features.  

Estimating Link Pricing

Estimating Link software is available with perpetual or subscription licenses, depending on your business needs. The SaaS is available for $300 per month as a starting point. In addition, there is a free version and a free trial available. 

Estimating Link Demo 

The Estimating Link Construction Software includes a free demo to explore the software in a live environment. During the Estimating link demo, you can navigate through multiple features and analyze whether they fulfill your requirements or not.   

Estimating Link Reviews  

Estimating link reviews show that people are pretty satisfied with the software and its robust features. Users also appreciate the customer support team that is quite attentive. You can find more Estimating link reviews in the review section below! 

Our Thoughts  

Estimating Link is a comprehensive estimating software tool suited for public and private work in heavy highway, environmental, bridge, site-work, railroad, and civil projects. It's specifically developed for unit pricing and lump sum bidding, with a highly user-friendly, simple interface. Construction link estimating software has been developed by users for 35 years after being designed by an estimator with real-world construction expertise. 

Pros and Cons of Estimating Link Software


  • It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.


  • It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.

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October 2022

One of the best application for remote estimation

Gregory M.


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We have had to switch to remote estimating due to travel-related issues. Counting links has ensured our database contains the most recent additions and changes at all times on or off-site. In addition, I found it straightforward since I can easily make all the necessary modifications. And all our contractors also use the same platform, which is an added plus!


I wish there was an option to extract required data from previous jobs to generate it. For instance, I am compiling all the item numbers and associated cost estimates from a few jobs. And using them to come up with estimates for similar jobs quickly.