iRoofing is a mobile software platform that allows roofing contractors to make unlimited, do-it-yourself roof measurement reports and detailed estimates remotely. Contractors can use the iRoofing app for Android tablets, Apple iPad, Android phones, or Apple iPhones. The app enables you to perform measurements using satellite, aerial, drone, and blueprint photos. 

iRoofing offers digital measurements, including a unique pitch detection tool, a roof project estimator, a roof inspection tool, and a roof simulator/visualizer that integrates with actual images of the customer's property. It also offers a customizable pitchbook, digital catalogs from all significant roof material manufacturers; in-app ordering of materials from distributors; a customer and task organizer; and the ability to e-sign contracts. 

Key Features 

Easily Accessible 

The iRoofing app offers a mobile solution for your roofing contractor's needs. Based on your geographical area, the app will give you local information, exact measurements without having to access the roof, and all necessary technical data from material manufacturers. 

Airborne Photography 

The airborne photography used by iRoofing is a proprietary feature called ClearoofTM, which comprises high-resolution photos acquired from specially-equipped aircraft. 

Customized Services 

The iRoofing app includes capabilities for measuring, displaying roof photos, evaluating design requirements, and even creating a project visualization of the planned roof installation. The iRoofing app is intended to assist roofing contractors in generating more leads, increasing sales, and completing proposals by utilizing the app's specialized service. 

iRoofing Pricing 

The software is available as a monthly subscription-based model. The iRoofing pricing starts at $219/month for three users. Additional packages, including iPad or Drone, are also available. 

iRoofing Demo 

You can schedule an iRoofing demo after downloading the iRoofing app for Android. The iRoofing demo gives an overview of all the essential features to know what you are getting. In addition, the demo is an excellent way to analyze software in real-time.  

iRoofing Reviews 

iRoofing reviews are generally positive. Users recommend the app because of its ease of use and convenience. You can read iRoofing reviews below to see what current users have to say about the software. 

Our Thoughts  

iRoofing is a mobile software app for measuring roofs on iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets, and Android phones. Satellite, drone, aerial, and blueprint photos can all be used to measure. A monthly subscription option allows you to make an unlimited number of roof reports. There is no obligation, and you are free to cancel at any moment. 

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