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iTWO For construction managers, contractors, estimators, and subcontractors looking to improve their takeoff and estimating, costX, formerly known as CostX, is a complete solution. For 2D and BIM takeoff, a number of drawings and models are supported, including JPG, CAD, PDF, DWFx, IFC, RVT, and more. Users can significantly cut takeoff time by streamlining their measurement workflows. In order to reduce errors, numbers can then be live-linked into interconnected spreadsheets. Then, rates are applied to the pertinent figures to quickly and effectively produce a full estimate. Additionally, with auto-revisioning, the costs can be quickly updated as needed if teams add new changes to the pipeline. To meet client needs, a variety of pre-built and customizable reports are available. Let's move forward and find out more about iTwo costx construction software. 

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iTWO costX takeoff

The most cost-effective choice for your situation is iTWO costX takeoffs if you only need iTWO costX for measurement reasons but still need 3D/BIM compatibility. Users who want to compare drawings and identify changes to pinpoint variations that require attention can do so with the help of iTWO costX takeoff. The program is also compatible with iTWO costXL, an extra software add-on from us that enables users to link dimensions and quantities into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. For the iTWO costX line, RIB offers standalone, network, and portable license options. If desired, your company can have a combo of these, and we can alter your setup whenever it's necessary to meet your needs. Installing costex is simple, and the end user can complete the process.

iTWO costX takeoff 2D

The software alternative for companies on a tighter budget who still wish to use outstanding 2D takeoff, which leads the industry, is iTWO costX takeoff 2D. With just a few clicks, users of RIB's most basic product can measure areas, lengths, and counts, cutting down on takeoff time by up to 80%. For users who have previously only used scale rulers or Microsoft Excel, iTWO costX takeoff 2D offers an affordable entry point into digital takeoff. The platform is complex but simple to use, and license holders have access to a variety of support options. iTWO costX takeoff 2D offers significant potential at an affordable price for people or small businesses seeking to implement digital software on a tight budget.

iTWO costXL

Users can live-link iTWO costX data into their Microsoft Excel workbook using the iTWO costXL add-on product. Drag and drop any networked product's measured dimensions from the iTWO costX range straight into the spreadsheet, or create a template so that dimensions appear in your Excel spreadsheet once they are measured in iTWO costX. The integration of digital attempts with Microsoft Excel for construction professionals is now simpler than ever, thanks to this add-in. Although there are numerous programs that can export data to Excel, iTWO costXL stands out because the relevant data is live-linked to iTWO costX itself. Time and effort are saved because data updated in iTWO costX is automatically updated in the iTWO costXL add-in.

Why iTWO CostX Software solution?

  • The efficient auto-revisioning tool in iTWO costX enables users to instantly modify and upgrade changes across plans as needed, and businesses can use the customizable reporting to quickly create Bills of Quantities (BOQ), cost plans, and more.
  • Businesses can use iTWO costX to directly upload PDF, CAD, or image documents to takeoff lengths, regions, and other counts using onscreen 2D measurement. Additionally, advanced 5D BIM capabilities are offered, and BIM exports from all significant 3D design programs are supported. There are several user-friendly viewing tools, user-defined properties, and pre-built templates for importing model data available.
  • Administrators can create new jobs from templates of earlier work and recreate the structure of workbooks with live links using the "based-on" function, which is available. For those who want to start working on new projects rapidly and effortlessly without wasting time on project setup, this is helpful.
  • Contractors can set up custom quantities for different dimension groups in iTWO costX, which then calculates quantities based on user input. To support specific business needs, a variety of custom workflows can be developed.

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