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IVO Systems' web-based, mobile-friendly operations software platform bridges the information gap between the field and the office. With text notifications, the software assists heavy civil construction companies in tracking heavy equipment locations (TrackVO), preventative maintenance and work orders (MaintainVO), and crew scheduling (ScheduleVO).  

Ivo Systems also assists in managing your equipment dispatch tickets, integrating your GPS/telematics data, and providing basic time cards. In addition, you can easily access your project information as all modules integrate into the same IVO platform. 

Key Features  

Custom Dashboard 

Thanks to the custom dashboard offered by Ivo systems construction software, employees working in the field can quickly view their schedule, dispatch tickets, maintenance orders, and more. Users can also perform the most common tasks, such as adding hour meters and work requests, with just a few clicks on their phone, which is another benefit of using this app. 

Automated Reporting 

One of the most serious issues confronting the industry's equipment management and operations systems is the inability to convert data into actionable information and automatically deliver it to those who require it. The Ivo construction software system was designed to allow you to set up automated reports and alerts easily. 

Easily Accessible Project Information 

The Ivo software allows you to enter and review project information in Google Maps, including address information. Once an address has been entered, obtaining driving directions to the work location is simple. 

In addition, you can keep track of permits, information about subcontractors, photos, production notes, and more in a single platform that is accessible from anywhere. 

Ivo Software Pricing 

Are you wondering how much the Ivo software costs? The Ivo software cost starts at $4,500 per year. After that, you simply pay a yearly subscription fee for company-wide software access. 

The plans range in price from $4,500 to $30,000+ per year, depending on the size of the company and its needs. Following the completion of a software demo, customized pricing is also provided. 

Ivo Software Demo 

If you are wondering whether the Ivo construction software is worth an investment or not, we suggest scheduling an Ivo software demo. The demo is a live setting where you can navigate the software and its features in real-time. You can analyze whether the software fulfils your requirements. The demo will help you decide if it's worth an investment.  

Ivo Software Reviews 

The Ivo software reviews usually have a 4–5-star rating. They are generally positive, indicating users are pretty satisfied with the software. Most users praise how the software enhances communication between the field and the office. You can dig deeper into the pros and cons below.  

Our Thoughts 

The Ivo construction software is an equipment maintenance software built for the construction industry. The software is easy-to-use and affordable. In addition, you can schedule a demo to evaluate the software in depth.  

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Ivo systems reviews

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