LandOne Takeoff Software

LandOne Takeoff software is a cloud-based bid management solution for landscape and irrigation contractors. Material customization and team collaboration are essential features. LandOne Takeoff includes measurement and survey tools for bed edging, irrigation pipes, and retaining walls.  

Furthermore, the solution allows users to define sod and paver areas. Users can associate these resources with projects to create their object group. The project's remaining materials can be documented and stocked for reuse. 

Key Features  

Plan Takeoff 

LandOne construction software can estimate landscape and irrigation costs using an uploaded PDF design or aerial image. Moreover, you can zone and measure your project, count installations, and organize it into groups. The LandOne software allows you to export an accurate materials list instantly. It eliminates guesswork and provides accurate estimates on the spot. 

Irrigation Design 

With LandOne construction software, you can design irrigation systems in minute detail or as a simple zone map. Using the Distance Guide Tool, you can accurately place pipes, heads, and valves in LandOne Takeoff. Thanks to the robust software, it will be easy to switch between simple plans for customers and detailed plans for installers. 

Photos and Notes 

Forget about pens, stacks of paper, and multiple site visits. LandOne Takeoff lets you add photos and notes to a project with your smartphone or tablet and saves them automatically to the cloud. So don't just tell your customer about your plan; show them by taking real-time photos of their property and taking notes on the spot. Anyone in the company can access all notes, photos, and forms at any time and from any device. 

LandOne Takeoff Pricing 

Are you wondering how much the LandOne software costs? There are three pricing tiers; Essential, Pro, and Enterprise. The pricing starts at $79 per month per user. Each tier offers different features so you can contact the vendor for a detailed pricing plan.  

LandOne Demo 

You can schedule a LandOne demo to explore the software in real-time. The demo will help you delve deeper into each feature and decide if the software is worth an investment or not. You can schedule a LandOne demo by contacting the vendor. 

LandOne Takeoff Software Reviews 

LandOne Takeoff software reviews prove that users are pretty satisfied with the software and its powerful features. In addition, users praise how cloud-based accessibility makes it easier to access data anywhere and at any time. You can read the in-depth pros and cons of LandOne software below.  

Our Thoughts 

A team can access LandOne Takeoff from multiple devices, making project management more accessible with a single solution. Users can also share marked-up plans and takeoffs with installation crews using LandOne. You can contact the vendor for more information. 

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