PipelineSuite Bid Management Software

PipelineSuite bid management software is a web-based platform that provides bid management modules to facilitate pre-construction activities. Project managers can refine bid creation methods and deliver bid invitations in minutes. Thanks to PipelineSuite, contractors now have a centralized hub to monitor multiple projects simultaneously. 

With PipelineSuite construction software, you can develop unique data collection forms to learn more about your subcontractors. In addition, its collaborative functions help build peace and productivity among workers. The software also integrates various project management platforms such as Procore and eSUB. 

Key Features  

Bid Solicitation 

Creating and sorting bidder lists according to sections or trades is part of the bid solicitation process. With PipelineSuite, you can use zip codes, locations, job categories, and prequalification statuses to filter the pool of unqualified subcontractors. In addition, the PipelineSuite Bid Management Software makes it possible for subcontractors to directly request RFIs and respond automatically to bids sent through the system. 

Bid Invitations 

With PipelineSuite Bid Management Software, you can send ITBs, also known as invitations to bid, to as many different contractors as possible by email or fax. You can also decrease the time it takes to send out invitations and concentrate on other crucial aspects of the bidding process if you sort contacts according to divisions or trades. 

Risk Management 

Electronic questionnaires featuring a drag-and-drop functionality are required to assist in the prequalification of subcontractors. With PipelineSuite, you can send prequalification forms to suppliers through fax or email. Moreover, you can instruct potential bidders to upload any documentation that may be relevant, such as insurance certificates and financial records. 

PipelineSuite Pricing 

Do you want to know how much the PipelineSuite construction software costs? Unfortunately, the company doesn’t share its pricing model publicly. Therefore, the best way to find out about the PipelineSuite pricing is to contact the vendor directly.  

PipelineSuite Demo 

Not sure if PipelineSuite construction software is worth an investment? You can schedule a PipelineSuite demo to evaluate the software in real-time. The demo is the best way to learn about the software and its features before purchasing it. It also helps you know whether the software fulfils your requirements. 

PipelineSuite Reviews 

PipelineSuite construction software has consistently received positive user reviews. They like how easy it is to use and how soon they can start. Most PipelineSuite reviews are positive, with the program receiving four or five stars. 

Our Thoughts 

PipelineSuite is a well-known pre-construction bid management software tool utilized by General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers. You can invite subcontractors to view specific projects, submit bids, and access bid papers for free using PipelineSuite. Moreover, it serves organizations of all sizes. 

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