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PlanHub construction management software is a cloud-based program that makes bidding easier for suppliers, subcontractors, and general contractors. It lets contractors add as many people as they want to their dashboard, post as many projects as they wish, keep track of their progress and activity status. They can also look at contractor databases based on their skills and location. PlanHub software also lets you store projects for free and has an instant messaging service. 

Subcontractors can search, filter, and browse projects based on criteria. They can also learn about upcoming projects, bid on an unlimited number of projects, network with other contractors, and much more. In addition, suppliers can post bids, look at material takeoffs, and look for projects. 

Key Features  

Bid Management 

PlanHub construction management software allows easy access to bids, as it filters project files by trades and service areas. You can access centralized dashboards to view and monitor the status of bids. Using the private project functionality, you can receive bids from a network of pre-approved subcontractors. You can seamlessly find, analyze, and contrast different bids to arrive at strategic conclusions. 

Streamlined Workflow 

With PlanHub software, you can add an unlimited number of members to the dashboard so that everyone can track the status of the project and bids. You can also utilize OCR reader technology to scan digital blueprints to view industry-specific details. In addition, you can easily access projects by searching for them according to the construction type, project type, and location. 

Bid Navigator 

To determine whether or not a project is relevant for bidding, Plan Hub software searches for keywords specific to the trade. You can consider types, locations, and coverages when evaluating bids. The software also allows you to include all pertinent project files with bids to assist potential subcontractors in comprehending the detailed plans and drawings. 

PlanHub Cost 

Access to PlanHub is completely free and unrestricted for general contractors. There are multiple pricing tiers available for subcontractors and suppliers, with the lowest one beginning at $1,599 per year. You can contact the vendor for a detailed PlanHub pricing plan.  

PlanHub Demo 

Do you have any doubts about whether or not you should purchase the PlanHub software? You should definitely set up a PlanHub demo so that you can learn as much as possible about the program. The Plan Hub demo will allow you to explore the software's features in greater detail to determine whether or not they meet your requirements. 

Planhub Reviews 

Generally speaking, reviewers speak highly of PlanHub. Users are happy with how simple it is to get started with and how it functions in their daily tasks. Please find below numerous in-depth reviews of the PlanHub software. If you are already using Plan Hub, you can tell us about your experience with the platform. 

Our Thoughts 

PlanHub is one of the best construction bidding software for people who work in the field and want to grow their systems, post projects, win bids, and just get to work. With the Planhub construction management system, you can keep everyone on the same page by storing documents in a centralized database. This will also help to promote transparency. 

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