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The major quantifiable components of a construction project and a construction business are integrated into the fully integrated accounting software STRUCTURE Blue, which is designed for commercial specialty contractors. The numerous data entry screens and reporting modules of STRUCTURE Blue are integrated to reduce data entry and increase accuracy and cross-links.

A lot of features related to the construction industry are included in the accounting module, including AIA billing, work and materials billing, inventory monitoring, appropriate wage surveys, insurance certifications, and more. Typical core accounting software features like general ledger, AP/AR, and purchase orders are also included in the solution. In the accounting module, STRUCTURE Blue construction management software also provides order entry, payroll processing, and procurement services. The project management and service management modules must be purchased together, although accounting can be purchased separately as a stand-alone system.

Structure Blue Software Modules 

Project Management Module

The Project Management module from Structure Blue is the ideal tool for organising project files, contacts, and financial data. You may manage the whole project from one location. Track the development of your entire project on a single screen. This integrated, user-friendly module allows access to financials, labour tracking, and the creation of bespoke reports. By creating tasks and reminders, you can keep track of the project's "to do" list. Get quick access to the status of each job's related purchase orders, subcontracts, and change requests. Examine a cost enquiry and "dig down" to specific budget data. Create customised transmittals and track submittals and RFIs. You can make a list of tasks that need to be completed for a certain job when you start a new one. Give specific persons certain jobs.

Utilise the system's unique Microsoft Word templates to create unique papers that can be instantly filled with data from STRUCTURE. Add more fields as necessary. Determine what needs to be billed by creating a pencil requisition before beginning the billing process. Send the items that need to be billed to accounting for billing after determining the amount or percent complete. Maintain a contact list with all the people you'll need for each project. For each task you work on, you can add new connections to your address book. You should maintain track of the organisations or clients you are working with as well as the people you have dealt with in the past.

Document Management Module

The Document Management module of Structure Blue makes it simple to save and manage documents digitally for your business. Any document format, including PDF, XLS, DOC, JPEG, and BMP, may be attached. The following entities can have documents associated with them: a job, an employee, a subcontract, a customer, a vendor, a material record, a service location, and equipment. Scan all of your checks, invoices, packing slips, and purchase orders into a single document to save time and work. As you enter them, separate them and attach them to the appropriate record. Save your time and stop looking for documents. You may organise and classify papers using our document management feature so you can find them when you need them.

By simultaneously linking papers to many locations, automated procedures can reduce duplication and boost productivity. Microsoft Outlook and Structure Blue have a smooth integration that makes it simple to add emails directly to the document trail. Easily categorise, filter, and search for employment materials in a single, user-friendly location. Structure Blue is aware that you might want to restrict who is allowed to do what. You can only allow certain individuals access to sensitive financial and employment data using Structure Blue.

Workforce Scheduling Module

You may manage your staff by using the WorkForce Scheduling module from Structure Blue. Your scheduler or foreman can assign and arrange the essential resources, such personnel and equipment, for all of your forthcoming projects using WorkForce Scheduling. You are able to restrict access to positions that STRUCTURE Blue is in charge of staffing thanks to their security measures. WorkForce Scheduling offers the capabilities to manage your labour force and resources, create a database of the skill sets needed for particular projects, and assign personnel based on their availability and skills, whether your project is short-term or long-term. To assess your future personnel needs, you can also produce labour projections.

You can create a calendar using STRUCTURE Blue to monitor personnel availability and maintain a complete history of your workforce schedule for all upcoming labour reporting needs. In order to ease the complete timekeeping procedure, connect to STRUCTURE Blue's all-inclusive payroll programme. With the help of TimeLinc, a mobile field time collection software from STRUCTURE Blue, you can record the actual time spent working and input it directly into actuals for comparison with planned hours and payroll updates. The programme is aware that you might want to limit who can do what. You can only allow certain individuals access to sensitive financial and employment data using Structure Blue.

What makes Structure blue software so great?

The outstanding support personnel of C/F Data Systems sets them apart from the competitors. Nothing is more annoying than trying to get a response to a question but being unable to or having to wait a long time. The software takes great satisfaction in its ability to provide outstanding customer service. It does not outsource its support operations; all of the support personnel work at its Weymouth, Massachusetts, headquarters.

Structure blue pricing

Structure blue offers a one timing pricing plan. Customers have to pay $17000 for a lifetime subscription. To know more about Structure blue pricing plans, you can schedule a structure blue demo. You can also check out Structure blue reviews to know more about the software.

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