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Swiftender is a modern, easy-to-use software for managing bids used by general contractors who work in the ICI sector. With Swiftender, general contractors can create projects quickly and easily, make invitation lists, keep track of subcontractors' work, share project documents, and do much more. As a result, Swiftender will save you time, help you make better decisions, and get you more winning bids. 

Contractors may quickly generate and submit extraordinary proposals with Swiftender and distribute personalized emails to their trade connections. Because the program tracks both clicks and reads, it gives contractors a clear picture of who is interested in their offer and enables them to follow up with potential clients and engage with them more efficiently.  

Swiftender construction software, in general, helps general contractors save significant time in the process of determining which trades to go for, get better engagement, make better judgments, and eventually secure more projects. 

Key Features  

Bid Invitation Management 

Swiftender construction software helps you find the best tradespeople and suppliers for your projects in less time. Based on your project's needs and scope of work, the software automatically looks through your trades and supplier's database and lists the most qualified trades with their contact information. Then, with just one click, Swiftender notifies all your trades and subcontractors about new projects and changes. 

Digital Collaboration 

You can give your subcontractors access to a digital plan room where they can find project information, instructions, schedules, and due dates. They don't have to sign in, so it's easy to find the information they need to do their jobs and reach their goals quickly and correctly. In addition, everyone has access to accurate information in real-time, significantly speeding up workflows and processes. 

Trades List Management 

The software makes it easier to organize and prioritize trades, which helps general contractors find highly qualified trades based on, among other things, their activity, expertise, and location. In addition, you can effortlessly enter new information and alter existing details on the businesses and individuals on your trades list when you use the Swiftender construction software. 

Swiftender Software Cost 

Swiftender software offers a monthly and annual billing model. The monthly package starts from $199/month, whereas the yearly pricing for Swiftender is $183/month. You can contact the vendor for a detailed Swiftender pricing plan.  

Swiftender Software Demo 

Swiftender construction software lets you try it out in real-time with a free demo. A demo is an excellent way for people who might buy the product to try it out before purchasing it. During the Swiftender demo, you can also learn how to use the software and look at each feature in detail. 

Swiftender Reviews 

Most of the reviews are full of good things to say about Swiftender. The software users say it is effortless to understand and use. The customer service team is also there to help with any technical problems. The pros and cons of Swiftender software are listed below. 

Our Thoughts  

Swiftender is a straightforward and cutting-edge tendering solution developed primarily for general contractors working in the ICI industry. Swiftender software makes it simple for general contractors to send out invitations to tender, manage trades, and transmit files.

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