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Verizon Connect is a web-based electronic logging device (ELD) and fleet management platform. It uses GPS fleet tracking to give businesses a complete picture of all fleet management operations. As a result, businesses can manage fuel costs, give accurate ETAs, and keep track of equipment with asset tracking.  

They can also keep a check on the mobile workforce by vehicle tracking through high-resolution maps with smart clustering. GPS tracking, high-definition maps, fuel consumption management, asset tracking, custom dashboards, performance analytics, and other features are all part of Fleetmatics Verizon Connect software. 

Key Features 

Geofencing and Mapping 

Verizon Connect, like many other fleet tracking companies, supports geofencing. Geofences are virtual shapes that you can add to your map to receive alerts when they are entered or exited. This is especially useful for security, as you can receive alerts when a vehicle leaves the location of your business. 

You can also use Verizon Connect to schedule and dispatch drivers, plan optimized routes, and view traffic and data overlays. Most businesses have a GPS engine supported by Google Maps and offer a variety of GPS features. Connect is supported by Verizon's mapping software, ensuring that your vehicles are tracked by one of the world's most reliable communications companies. 


One thing that distinguishes Verizon Connect from its competitors is that it is configurable to fit your needs. Users can change different parts of the platform to make it work for their fleet. For example, you can set up multiple time zones and languages. This is great for fleets that operate in many different states and regions. 

Real-time Alerts 

You can access many different alerts and reports with Verizon Connect. Tracking is updated every 30 seconds, allowing for near-real-time updates. In addition, you can configure alerts for activity, idling, speeding, harsh driving, geofences, late starts, sensor activation, towing, and video events.  

Monitoring hard driving, speeding, and other vehicle activity is beneficial when managing a fleet of vehicles. Like many other tracking solutions, Verizon Connect allows you to configure and receive alerts through its mobile app (Android and iOS). 

Verizon Connect Pricing 

On average, Verizon Connect costs about $40 per vehicle per month, but it doesn't list prices online like some of its competitors. Instead, it has flexible services and prices, so if you want to know more about pricing for your specific needs, you'll have to talk to a company representative. 

Verizon Connect Demo 

The Verizon Connect demo is an excellent way to analyze the software before purchasing it. During the demo, you can delve deeper into the software in real-time to see whether it meets your needs or not. You can also dig deeper into each feature to see how it benefits you.  

Verizon Connect Reviews 

Overall, users have a positive experience with Verizon Connect fleet management software. They love the ease of use and simple functionality of the software. The customer support is also worth appreciating. You can read the detailed Verizon Connect reviews below.  

Our Thoughts 

Verizon Connect software meets the requirements for a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for businesses with midsize fleets. In addition, because it is one of the most customizable platforms currently available, this one is perfect for medium-sized and larger fleets with specific requirements for their fleet management. 

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