VPO Construction Software

VPO construction software gives you a single place to manage the whole life cycle of a construction project, from the beginning to the end. It's made for architects, engineers, suppliers, vendors, owners, contractors, and firms that manage construction projects. It's a safe, easy-to-use cloud-based workspace that people involved in a project can use to see, share, and track progress. 

It uses the cloud-based modules from Microsoft and combines them with project management to make a flexible workspace that you can use for small and large operations. 

Key Features  

Bid Management  

The bid management feature of VPO construction project management software assists in managing the bid invitation process by helping to keep a list of bidders together with their critical data, such as certifications and qualifications. Moreover, this feature offers a safe and secure environment for bids to be uploaded through the cloud. Notifications are automatically sent via email to the appropriate individuals. 

Document Management  

The VPO construction software uploads all of a project's files to the cloud, where they are accessible from any device. Because it was created on the Microsoft (MS) Office platform, users can edit Microsoft Office documents using their mobile devices or web browsers. Moreover, it allows users to work on documents offline while simultaneously syncing them to the cloud. 

Financial Management  

The VPO software assists users in managing project expenses and settling on a budget. In addition, it helps define cost categories and codes, budget, and funding for each cost node. The software is also well-known for keeping track of purchase orders and invoices, payment applications, and how they connect to the budget.

VPO Software Pricing 

Do you want to know how much the VPO construction project management software costs? The VPO software pricing starts at $1250 per month. The implementation, support, and training are all included in the package. 

VPO Software Demo 

Not sure if VPO software is worth an investment? You can schedule a free VPO software demo to test the software in real-time. The demo is an excellent way to explore the software and its features. In addition, it helps you analyze whether the software meets your requirements. 

VPO Software Reviews 

User feedback on VPO construction software has consistently shown high levels of satisfaction. They like how simple it is to use and how quickly they can be up and running. Most VPO software reviews are positive, with most giving the program a rating of four or five stars. 

Our Thoughts 

VPO construction project management software provides construction managers and owners with a centralized, secure, and highly adaptable platform for team collaboration. Everyone involved in the project, inside and outside the company, can "work at" the same virtual office on the cloud. 

The use of VPO is revolutionizing communication and cooperation on building sites. It gives you a bird's-eye view of your programs in real-time and allows you to monitor your finances at a high level across all of your projects and portfolios. 

VPO Construction Software Pricing

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