NICE CXone is a cloud customer experience platform that empowers organizations of all sizes to build deeper brand loyalty and create stronger customer relationships. 

The application combines omnichannel routing, customer analytics, AI-powered automation tools, CRM integrations, and workforce optimization in an intuitive interface. It helps businesses improve the quality of leads and reduce the costs linked with client interaction. Businesses can easily integrate its with various custom-built CRMs and third-party solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Service Cloud, and Salesforce.

The software provides a unified view of customer interactions across channels and devices, and delivers insights to help users deliver personalized customer experiences. It allows users to connect with their customers through multiple channels, such as inbound/outbound voice calls, chat, email, voicemail, social media, and more. Further, the system includes a variety of workflow optimization functionalities, including hiring, e-learning, and workforce management. 

Key Features of  NICE CXone

Workforce Management

NICE CXone software comes with a robust workforce management module that helps organizations forecast customer demand and schedule staff. It gives users real-time visibility into call volumes, staff availability, and historical workload trends, enabling them to create optimal schedules.

Automation & AI

NICE CXone CRM software offers a contact center solution that combines the power of AI with the Robotic Process Automation to simplify the service delivery for faster resolution of customer issues and ensure reduced costs.

Speech Analytics

This customer experience platform includes a speech analytics solution that helps users identify the most important calls and top customer issues based on specific criteria. They can use custom call tags to categorize calls by clients’ reasons for calling and prioritize their workflows accordingly.

NICE CXone Pricing

The NICE CXone cost structure is based on the typical subscription-based model. 

The NICE CXone pricing for the basic subscription plan starts at $100.00 per month. The vendor does not provide a free version but does include a free trial. You can contact the NICE inContact service for more pricing details.

NICE CXone Demo

You can obtain a quick visual walkthrough into NICE CXone’s functionalities by simply scheduling a demo (click the corresponding button above/on this page). The comprehensive NICE CXone Demo will let you check out the product in a more detailed manner and see how it benefits your organization in real-time.

NICE CXone Reviews

NICE CXone has generally received great, online, user satisfaction ratings. The most common compliments given to this software are for its customer support functionalities, ease of use, and data-driven reports.

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Our Thoughts

NICE CXone is an enterprise-grade customer experience system that offers a centralized platform to help businesses manage, track and prioritize customer queries. This easy-to-use solution is an indispensable tool for organizations looking to systematize their customer service relationships and drive sales growth.

We recommend opting for the software demo to see how NICE CXone software can help scale your business.

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