DealerCenter is an all-in-one cloud-based dealer management software designed to help small to large businesses streamline their accounting processes, customer relationship management, auction, digital marketing, and inventory management, etc. With DealerCenter, users can gain hands-on control over business sales, customer management, inventory, credit reports, insurance, and financing. With its reseller authorization, it can provide automobile dealers the right kind of access to the major credit bureau and book services, vehicle history reports and other services popular with independent dealers.

Some of its key features include: dealer management system, inventory management, online marketing, booking services, CRM, credit report services, vehicle history reports, and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH). Businesses can create customizable dashboards per the requirement to gain insight into operations across all levels.

DealerCenter facilitates integration with several third-party dealer websites and applications such as QuickBooks, Carfax, TransUnion, Manheim, Craigslist, Kelley Blue Book, AutoCheck, NADA, Black Book, Experian, Equifax, and more. The vehicle book services provide users with unlimited access to book value anytime, anywhere. Dealers can use real-time access to access wholesale, retail, auction, and private party value. It comes with Android and iOS mobile applications, which enable users to handle license scanning, customer check-ins and check-outs, appointments and alert notifications.

Pricing: Pricing is available through monthly subscriptions. It ranges from $0.25-$70.

USP: The easy-to-use inventory management feature gives you centralized insights into vehicle inventory in your lot. Fast and reliable remote access with native DealerCenter mobile apps for Android and iOS apps.

Support: Support is provided via phone, tickets and live support.

Product Advantages: One-stop-shop for DMS, CRM, Website Manager, Marketing Tools, Financing.

Product Limitations: There is no local back up in case the network goes down. It requires you to sign up multiple times a day.


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