Denali Business, a Cougar Mountain product, is an accounting software geared towards small to midsize businesses. The solution has the ability to customize 10 integrated modules. The primary goal of this software is to scale the business needs while maintaining a consistent audit trail. The system offers both, on-site and cloud-based deployments. Denali is equipped to help users effectively monitor and control the flow of business assets.

Key functions include multi-location inventory management, reporting, auditing, data analysis, and regulatory updates. For charities and other non-profit organizations, it has a Denali Fund app that offers grant, donation, event and overhead accounting making the management of both restricted and unrestricted fund accounts easier, while ensuring all transactions are fraud-free. More features include individual user rights, internal controls, audit trails, customizable reports, rental equipment tracking and GAAP and FASB compliance. Business intelligence provides dashboards, predictive analytics and pulse alerts.

Functionalities to deal with multiple invoices, clients' information and collection status are also offered. Several add-ons features are available including a payroll system, , purchase orders, bank reconciliation and mobile accounting.

Pricing: Pricing is based on one-time payment model. Three different packages are offered: Denali Basecamp ($1999/user), Denali Ascent ($2999/user), and Denali Summit ($4999/use). Free trial is also offered.

USP: The most efficient tool to organize and manage finances with complete transparency. Scalability to add more modules, services and add-ons to meet the growing needs of a business.

Support: Support is available via phone and email.

Product Advantages: Robust and reliable product. Great value for money. Top-of-the-line support.

Product Limitations: Cumbersome and dated interface. Inconsistencies in accounting payrolls.

DENALI Business

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