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What Is Doxy Telehealth? 

Overview is a telemedicine platform that enables healthcare providers to conduct remote consultations with their patients. It is a reliable and secure platform with HIPAA-compliant features. 

With Doxy Telehealth, providers can send a personalized link to the patient via email or text message. The platform supports real-time audio-visual consultations and text-based conversations, allowing healthcare providers to connect with patients from anywhere, anytime. 

What Is Doxy Telehealth Best For? is known for allowing healthcare providers to customize and personalize the platform to suit their unique needs. Providers can create a custom waiting room with personalized branding and logo, providing patients with a familiar and welcoming virtual visit experience. 

Doxy Telehealth Pricing pricing plans are as follows: 

  • Freemium – $0 
  • Professional – $35/month/provider 
  • Clinic – $50/month/provider 
  • Enterprise – Click Get Pricing for a customized quote 

Doxy Telehealth Integrations integrates with several third-party applications for enhanced practice management. Here are some of the integration options offered by Doxy: 

  • Epic 
  • eClinicalWorks 
  • Dokbot 
  • Luminello 

To see your current EHR’s compatibility with, contact our customer support. 

How Does Doxy Telehealth Work? 

Here is how you can get started with 

  • Log in and go to the dashboard 
  • Select "Settings" from the dashboard on the left navigation menu 
  • In the settings panel, select "Interface Settings," where you can add your photo, office location, and contact information 
  • Under "Clinic Settings," input your clinic name and define your work schedule 
  • Then proceed to customize the waiting room settings, where you can edit your waiting room background and add your logo or customize appointment notifications and reminders 
  • Create custom forms to complete before or after each telemedicine consultation 
  • After completing the interface setup, you can focus on providing virtual care services via the platform 

These steps may vary depending on the software updates. Check out the latest demo and learn how you can navigate through the software by clicking on Watch Demo

Who Is Doxy Telehealth For? is a telemedicine solution for video conferencing, enhancing the patient experience, and checking patients quickly. It is designed for healthcare providers and organizations that offer telemedicine services. 

The software can be used to conduct remote visits in practices of different sizes. is suitable for: 

  • Physicians 
  • Therapists 
  • Psychiatrists 
  • Counselors 

Social workers and other healthcare professionals 

Doxy Telehealth Features 

  • Patient Queue includes a patient queue feature that allows healthcare providers to manage and control their virtual waiting rooms more effectively. When patients check in to their scheduled appointment via the personalized link, they are immediately placed in a virtual waiting room. The healthcare provider can view the list of patients in the waiting room and the order in which they arrived. 
  • Clinician Dashboard provides a clinical dashboard that healthcare providers can use to manage their virtual patient consultations efficiently. The clinical dashboard provides a real-time overview of all patient consultations, enabling providers to see the status of each appointment, including who is in the waiting room or currently in session. Providers can also access the clinical details of each patient, such as their name, the reason for the visit, and their location. 
  • Analytics enables medical practices to gain insights into their telemedicine practice. These analytics include information such as patient visit volumes, wait times, and provider availability, which can help providers make informed decisions about their telemedicine service. Additionally, clinical analytics give providers the ability to track patient usage, including appointment history and appointment cancellations. 
  • Waiting Rooms 
    The waiting room feature offered by Doxy acts as a virtual platform where patients can wait before their telemedicine visit. When patients click on the unique link sent to them, they will be directed to a secure waiting area where they can wait for their healthcare provider to start the consultation. Inside the waiting room, patients get a clear view of the estimated wait times for the current and next patients and the option to maximize their audio and video settings, all from one user-friendly interface. 

Is Doxy Telehealth Right For You? 

Doxy Telehealth is a HIPAA-compliant application that can be used to conduct virtual appointments and screen sharing with patients and providers, all through high-quality videos. The software maintains data integrity to ensure that all the information entered remains safe and accessible to the providers. 

Read the latest telemedicine reviews to assess whether it is the right tool for your practice. Pricing Details 

  • Free
  • Professional
  • Clinic
0 / month
35 / month
50 / month
What’s included
(Free Plan Features)
What’s included
(Professional Plan Features)
What’s included
(Clinic Plan Features)
  • Unlimited call minutes
  • Meets HIPAA requirements
  • Free BAA agreement
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Everything offered in the Free Plan, and
  • High-definition video
  • Send invites through text/email
  • Customizable waiting room
  • Text/email notifications
  • Screen sharing
  • Group calls
  • Everything offered in the Professional Plan, and
  • Customized branding
  • Personalized subdomain
  • Shared waiting room(s)
  • Administrative controls
  • Usage analytics
  • Teleconsent

For an enterprise-scale pricing plan, click on Get Pricing. You can get a fully customized subscription plan with a higher level of administrative control by contacting our sales team. EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Straightforward to set up and use
  • Cost-effective
  • Has a high uptime and rarely experiences technical issues


  • Does not have a dedicated mobile app, which is inconvenient for some patients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Software cost? software offers three standard subscription plans: Free, Professional, and Clinic. You can get started with the freemium or get an enterprise-grade plan by clicking on Get Pricing.

Is Software cloud-based?

Yes, software is a cloud-based platform.

What are the main features of Software? features include waiting rooms, clinical history, patient queues, and screen sharing.

What level of support does Software offer? offers these support options: Help Center, YouTube videos, and chat.

Who are the main users of Software? can be used in any medical facility that aims to provide virtual visits to its users. It can be used by physicians, clinicians, nurses, and therapists. EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

9 Reviews


Life saver!

March 2021


Phoenix Tech Gurus

Graphics of it's interface are very fine and easy to navigate through. Its a very scalable, workable solution for your clinical practice with a good cost. They don't charge extra for updated features.
A little difficult to understand initially.

Works effectively!

March 2021


Triple Willow Mental Health, Inc..

It creates virtual meeting room accessible at any location. I really like how you can custom choose your features and pay for them without purchasing the whole package. It really makes it a cost effective solution for your practice.
I wish they work on building their app. Much needed.

Great assistance to our practice.

March 2021


Entrusted Care

I really like that everything is cloud-based and one doesn't download anything. It gets very accessible for both practitioners and patients. Excellent assistance provider with HIPPA compliance.
No problem at all.

Works well for me!

March 2021


Kathleen A Diehl

This product is HIPPA compliant and works really great for a psychotherapist like me since i am a solo practitioner. Overall, I am very satisfied with the system and it allows me to access it for free.
My screen gets frozen in my sessions but the team fixes the issue once reported.

Encoded Connection!

March 2021


Bardo Group

The best thing about this product is that it maintains the security standard and HIPPA regulations. I use this everyday for my office work and my patient's are also very satisfied with the accessibility.
Images sometimes get blurred out.

Very happy with it!

March 2021


Dr. Samantha Dreyer, Psychologist

This software has enabled solo practitioners like me to access it free of cost. I really appreciate the ease of use and since it's efficient, the notes are very accurate.
Honestly, i don't think there is any problem that i faced while using this software.

An ideal software for Therapists!

March 2021

Chris M.

Mental Health Care

Extremely reliable and stable in terms of video sessions with high-end encryption. It doesn't require any extra downloads or password verification which makes it very accessible for both the clients and therapists. Their pricing value is great which shows the team's dedication.
It's an all in one software. Occasionally, images freeze in ongoing sessions but other than that I didn't find any problem so far.

What an excellent software

September 2020

Alice D.

Clinical Psychologist

Pros: Ehr has made communication with my patients so easy. It keeps a record of everything which makes keeping track and checking progress so simple.
Literally nothing, it's a great investment.

So worth it

September 2020


Sucgang Family Medicine

Super user friendly. It's easy to work on and understand. The customer service is incredible.
No serious issues. Occasional problems occur because of the internet connection.

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Call us at

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