EHR 24/7 was developed by the company Office Ally. It is an EHR (Electronic Health Records) system based on the web created and produced in order to accommodate the requirements and demands of medical specialties and sizes of all kinds. This is a management system that allows the enhancement of the services provided by practitioners to their patients. By making sure that the management of the practice is handled, physicians are able to improve upon their healthcare services as well. EHR 24/7 Features involve a unique composition of cloud-based that provides the users with easy accessibility of the records of their patients. These can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Additionally, it also provides buyers with several tools and options that assist in running a medical practice smoothly.

EHR 24/7 Tutorial demonstrates how it provides the clients with a wide range of characteristics and options that include electronic prescriptions, reminders for patient follow-ups, notes for SOAP, integration and incorporation of the laboratory, and templates that can be easily customized, however, one desires. Physicians and practitioners can make use of electronic prescriptions in order to convert them into electronic messages that can be conveyed to the pharmacy located nearest to wherever the patient lives.

EHR 24/7 benefits involve the payment of 5,000 insurance claims to employers, free training and help with set up, choice to become completely combined with the systems of Office Ally Practice Mate™, customization options and implementation is done in the quickest manner, and encapsulating Pay-for-Performance Monies.

The software is also certified by the ONC-ATCB and compliant with all the HIPAA guidelines, providing the users with safe logins and storage of data. Additionally, it is also certified by Meaningful Use Stage, ONC-ACB 2014, and CAQH CORE®. It is the most suitable for practices that are small to middle-sized and can solve any electronic health record issues.

One of the most unique features of the software is that it can connect with other apps or platforms e.g. Dragon which is a dictation app. Similarly, it plays a pivotal role in permitting the users to command and quite easily put sound files together with the charts of the patients. Due to being made by Office Ally, this system is also affiliated with a patient portal which is known as Patient Ally and is free of any cost. It can help the patients to determine when their appointments are, view lab results or notes from their visits, communicate with whoever practitioner is available online, view the records of the medical history of the patient, and allows for the refilling of medication.

EHR 24/7 Pricing: Pricing is not openly shared by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

EHR 24/7 Support: It offers support in business hours.

EHR 24/7 Pros: The software offers many different tools and integration facilities that make its reach far going and incredibly versatile.

EHR 24/7 Cons: Users find it difficult to navigate through multiple screens.

EHR 24/7

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