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BestPt Software combines the qualities of medical record documentation and billing system in one software. The ONE-certified software enables functions through which patients can be scheduled, health records can be maintained, and billing can be resolved. The billing and claims data of patients can be used to resolve through which no-shows can be managed. Moreover, processing credit cards is simplified through the system. Users are further provided with phone notifications to get important notifications on time. Physicians can also access patient demographics, charts, and vitals to provide bespoke care.  

BestPT Software Key Features  

Practice Management 

BestPT EHR has a system in place for practice management where the clinical documentation is designed by expert students from the University of New School of Mexico. It provides smooth integration with other software systems and apps as well. Moreover, 1-on-1 training is provided for the entire staff to maintain the credibility of the system. The staff can receive training and support for an unlimited period of time. Moreover, one platform is able to provide management support for different locations as well as different specialties.  

Billing System 

Another set of features on Billing Dynamix is the billing system sustained through a cloud-based revenue cycle management. It further provides support with the help of an automated pre-submission review. You can keep up with claims and task delegations to ensure that everything is on track. You can further structure your billing system with claim monitoring, underpayment monitors, rejection management, and balance tracking.  

The automated payment processing provides efficiency in the system so that time can be spent on the right tasks. The practice owner is further able to access all information due to the full transparency provided.  

Front Desk Tasks  

There is a diverse list of functions that reduce front desk tasks such as automated delegation of office tasks so all employees perform the prioritized tasks. BestPT also includes an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant message system to optimize communication across the board. Moreover, insightful reports about data can be generated as well as customized. Users can access two-way text messaging and receive appointment reminders for upcoming schedules.  

BestPT Software Pricing  

The information regarding pricing plans is not available on the Billing Dynamix Software but a private quote can be generated by getting in touch with the staff.  

Software Demo  

The website provides interested users the ability to book a demo that includes features like a live demonstration as well as a Q/A session to answer your questions regarding BestPt.  


On average, most of the BestPT reviews conclude that it is a reliable software for medical health practitioners including physical therapists and chiropractors.  

Our Thoughts 

BestPT is an excellent model for managing medical health records and ensuring that medical health management is assisted through a variety of features for documentation and billing. Corrective task alerts ensure that everything is taken care of whereas two-way notifications serve as a reminder of meeting schedules.  

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