Genesis Chiropractic EMR Software

What is Genesis Chiropractic EMR Software? 


Genesis Chiropractic software is a cloud-based EHR and EMR software. It offers a comprehensive solution to streamline workflows for chiropractors and their care teams. The software automates various practice management tasks such as scheduling, documentation, billing, etc. 

The Genesis Chiropractic software has a built-in workflow management system that makes it possible for tasks and alerts to be made automatically for chiropractic care. Thereby, professionals can focus their attention on delivering quality care. 

What Is Genesis Chiropractic Software Best For?  

The Genesis Chiropractic software is well known for its appointment confirmation and reminder functionality. Genesis Chiropractic EMR enables a chiropractor to send automated reminders and confirmations to patients about upcoming appointments. 

The feature allows a chiropractor to easily customize reminders and confirmations that are automatically sent to patients. It ensures a smoother workflow by reducing the time spent on paperwork and offering convenience to patients. Genesis Chiropractic eliminates the need to call in for confirmation or make last-minute changes. 

Genesis Chiropractic Software Pricing 

The vendor does not disclose its pricing strategy and other information to the public. However, you can click the Get Pricing button above to get a personalized pricing plan for your healthcare needs. 

Genesis Chiropractic Software Integrations   

Genesis Chiropractic Software does not have an API for its customers. However, the Genesis EMR integrates with the following third-party applications: 

  • Sked 
  • Zingit 
  • Review Wave 
  • Posture Ray 
  • Posture Screen 
  • Fortis 
  • Cash Practice 
  • ClearGage 

How Does Genesis Chiropractic EMR Software Work? 

Follow the steps below to get started with Genesis Chiropractic software after its successful implementation and installation: 

  1. Log in to the system using vendor-supplied credentials. 
  2. Customize the software to suit your practice needs by setting up the practice and user preferences, such as appointment scheduling and billing. 
  3. Enter patient information, including personal details, medical history, and insurance information. 
  4. Schedule appointments using the application’s scheduling system and manage patient visits. 
  5. Document these visits by creating treatment notes and progress reports. 
  6. Manage billing and payments by creating and submitting insurance claims and tracking outstanding balances. 
  7. Generate reports to help you evaluate practice performance, such as appointment scheduling reports and financial reports. 
  8. Use the application’s communication tools to contact patients, send appointment reminders, and promote practice services. 

Click the Watch Demo option above to learn more about and experience the software. 

Who Is Genesis Chiropractic EMR Software For? 

The Genesis Chiropractic EHR integrated system is ideal for solo and multi-specialty chiropractic clinics. 

Genesis Chiropractic Software Features   

  • Single Point Management 
    Genesis Chiropractic Software’s Single Point Management feature makes it easy to manage pain treatment practices. This all-in-one system makes sure that doctors and their teams can set up automatic tasks to work best for their practice, so they don't have to fill out dozens of reports. 
    Moreover, the multi-specialty/provider and multi-location optimization assists in creating consistent patient experiences across all locations, allowing pain physicians to focus on pain relief. 
    With single-point management from Genesis Chiropractic Software, doctors can provide improved services and increase revenue, retention, and compliance in less time. 
  • Medical Billing 
    The application’s medical billing feature ensures secure and accurate billing. It facilitates flexible billing, whether it’s handled in-house or outsourced. Genesis Chiropractic software enables chiropractors to provide multi-specialty, multi-provider, and multi-location optimized chiropractic care. The software makes it efficient and effective, with full transparency and accountability. 
    Furthermore, Genesis Chiropractic software ensures submission accuracy as examinations, notes, and other medical data are automatically used to generate codes and claims. Also, an underpaid claim routing system, along with a failed claim routing and audit trail integrated system for detailed tracking. 
    Moreover, the automatic patient balance payments and automated patient statements further enhance the Genesis medical billing experience, so the chiropractor and patient can rest assured of smooth transaction processes. 
  • Patient Retention 
    The patient retention tool has features and benefits to help chiropractors get the most out of their patient care. With single-point management, Genesis Chiropractic software streamlines missed visits, future appointment set-ups, and expired care plans. 
    Genesis enables practitioners to gain new patients through its multi-specialty, multi-provider, and multi-location optimization. Meanwhile, it treats and keeps current patients happy through effective pain relief.   
  • Appointment Scheduling 
    Genesis Chiropractic Software offers comprehensive appointment scheduling functionality that helps busy chiropractors manage and automate their daily workflow tasks. The software ensures that chiropractors can rapidly and accurately access patient information. 
    Genesis Chiropractic software allows for automated appointment reminders through text, email, and chat, quickly connecting patients with providers for efficient care. It also has Care Plan Wizard technology, making it easier for chiropractors to create rehabilitation plans and generate automated documentation. 
    Additionally, the application includes check-in alerts that remind patients of upcoming appointments. Genesis also offers an online patient scheduling app to allow patients to book their appointments easily. 
  • Point of Sale 
    This feature offers chiropractors several benefits, including PCI compliance, efficient task management, and credit card storage options. With easy EFT capability and patient financing support, Genesis Chiropractic software allows you to easily manage all types of payments. 
    In addition, the inventory management alerts ensure you don’t miss out on important stock information. Genesis Chiropractic also keeps track of products with barcode storage and sales tax tracking for accurate documentation. 
    Furthermore, any declined credit cards can be detected using this feature. Moreover, recurring and one-time payments can be easily managed through the Genesis point of sale feature. 
  • Documentation and Compliance 
    Genesis Chiropractic software is a powerful tool to help practitioners simplify their documentation and compliance tasks. It provides easy-to-use SOAP notes, HIPPA-secure online forms, and multiple specialty solutions. 
    It securely submits matching claim submissions, so practitioners can focus on providing real pain relief for patients. A chiropractor can confidently streamline operations with daily note narratives and unbilled visit reminders. The software ensures that the documentation and compliance requirements are handled with accuracy.  

Is Genesis Chiropractic Software Right for You?   

Are you a chiropractic practitioner looking for a reliable data-security solution? Genesis Chiropractic is an ONC-certified software that follows HIPAA compliance rules and regulations to provide data security and privacy. 

Furthermore, the software’s PCI-compliant credit card storage allows for easy, secure processing of payments. Aside from data protection, Genesis Chiropractic EMR software offers tools to help keep your patients healthy. It can be invaluable in helping you diagnose problems, measure pain levels, reduce stress, and more. 

In case you are still uncertain, you may schedule a call with one of our specialists who will assist you in choosing the most suitable software. 

Genesis Chiropractic EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • The cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • The integration with third-party applications saves users from buying additional tools.
  • The software is highly customizable.
  • It supports multiple specialty solutions, such as rehab centers.
  • The automated appointment reminders reduce manual work.


  • The software has a steep learning curve, as some users have noted.
  • According to user reviews, the customer support team is not very active.
  • The Genesis Chiropractic software does not have an API available for its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Genesis Chiropractic cost?

The vendor does not mention pricing packages on its official website. However, click the Get Pricing option for a customized pricing plan.

Is Genesis Chiropractic EMR cloud-based?

Yes, Genesis Chiropractic EMR is cloud-based software.

What are the main features of Genesis Chiropractic Software?

The main features of Genesis Chiropractic software include medical billing, single-point management, patient retention, appointment scheduling, point of sale, and documentation and compliance.

What level of support does Genesis Software have? 

Genesis software provides several support options: email, a help desk, FAQs, a forum, a knowledge base, phone support, a 24/7 live customer representative, and chat support.

Who are the main users of Genesis Software?

The main users of Genesis software include solo and multi-specialty chiropractic care clinics.

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Genesis Chiropractic EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

16 Reviews


Undoubtedly, the EHR software with the most comprehensive features.

May 2023


Health, Wellness and Fitness

The functionality and user interface are constantly improving, even though they may not be the most intuitive.

Genesis Chiropractic Software review

December 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Integrating was not difficult and its easy to contact customer service whenever required.
I need to ask more than once for the allowed amounts to be posted at times.

Genesis Reviews

December 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

The software Genesis has several features that enable speedy and efficient documentation and billing.
As this is a web-based application, there may be delays in loading windows which can cause a waiting period before patients can be treated.

A good experience overall

October 2022



As a new office, I find the note-taking feature easy to use. It ensures that my notes comply with standards and includes the necessary details. Additionally, the home screen displays a diagram that gives me a real-time overview of my practice.
Having many options to accomplish a task may seem overwhelming, but its a matter of becoming accustomed to it.

Useful despite the initial hiccup

April 2021


Whole Health Chiropractic

It has a lot of useful functions like appointment tracking and allows for meticulous note taking.
The inventory does not allow a bash-based system. Initially the training seemed too long.

Love it!

April 2021


Noble Choice Chiropractic

The ability to customize the software and send insurance claims for authorization directly. We can create care plans for patients.
The software does not allow us to edit the intake forms.

Some good some bad

April 2021


Integrity Chiropractice

The platform is crafted very well and I am able to use it daily to manage my practice. I can customize it to my liking as well.
Difficult to access the report writing feature and comparing charts is also not that easy.

Great customer service

April 2021


J.O Private Medical Clinic

They are constantly updating the system and the reporting features help us generate charts and information. We do not have any difficulty connecting with the customer service either.
The number of clicks required for medical billing is too high.

If we are able to execute Genesis, any office can

March 2021


Regatta chiropractic and laser center

Genesis went over and past and we feel like it is a portion of our group. It is astonishing! On the off chance that we are able to make this move from paper and pencil, any office can do it.
Length of all forms and could be more client friendly.

Great Chiropractic Software

March 2021



Easy to use and customize. Reports are amazing and the billing feature is also pretty good. Everything is just a click away.
Opening a ticket for any communication is difficult.

Consistent Confidence in their Services

March 2021


Hospital and Health Care

It is easier to use than any other software and has much more than I need.
They have made the software as simple as possible. No complaints. More than satisfied.

The best EHR software

September 2020

Dr. Pilar

The Chiro Health and Spa of Ramsey

We have been using Genesis EHR for about 10 years and it has been nothing but a blessing. Everything to need is literally a click away, You can make it look according to your requirements. Easy to use, flexible, and consistent.
I wish that they had a system of talking to the customer staff directly than having to open a ticket.

Faultless, absolutely amazed

September 2020


Hyatt Chiropractic, S.C.

I am honestly grateful for the software as it has made our office so much more efficient. No other software compares to this one. It has made our working experience very smooth.
No complaints, we were told everything in advance. I cant think of anything negative to say about it.

Patients appreciate it a lot

August 2020


Chiro and Care

It has made no shows not a worry for us anymore.
We have nothing bad to report.

We have had a great time

July 2020


New York and Back

Our clients can schedule their own appointments and we are updated about it.
It has limited functionality.

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(661) 384-7070

Call us at

(661) 384-7070