Cortex EDI

Cortex EDI is a cloud-based practice management software that provides a unified portal for healthcare organizations to manage billing, patient records, claims, data verification, and other operations. For example, users can create patient data sheets with details like diagnosis notes, charges, and services provided to the patient using the platform. 

Electronic Biller is a feature of Cortex EDI that allows users to submit medical billing claims. Its claim tracking feature gives administrators access to approved, pending, and denied claims and historical records. It also includes automated insurance claim posting, accounts receivable, patient eligibility checks, electronic health records, appointment management, etc. 

Cortex EDI Key Features  

Medical Billing Software 

The software provides all of the services that medical, institutional, and dental practices require to increase workplace efficiency. The free medical billing and claims clearinghouse software can assist you in streamlining your business processes. Moreover, Cortex EDI provides easy-to-use tools that you need to keep track of client billing and save time. Patient eligibility verification for private health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid is also available through its tools. 

Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification 

Real-Time Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Health Plan Insurance Eligibility Verification is a quick and secure way to get patient insurance information from over 800 health insurance companies in a single location.  For example, with the software Medicare eligibility, your employees will spend less time on the phone with various health insurance payers because all eligibility check requests are available in seconds. You can also use on-site web portal for online medical insurance verification, which will boost productivity significantly. 

Clearinghouse Services 

Cortex EDI's medical billing clearinghouse service allows providers to submit claims to thousands of insurance companies. They can also receive reports from them by uploading claims files created by any practice management software to the secure web portal. 

Cortex EDI Pricing 

Want to know about the Cortex EDI pricing? Unfortunately, the software doesn’t share its pricing model with the general public. This is a common practice among software companies. You have to contact the vendor directly to get a specific quote for your practice. 

Software Demo 

If you are still wondering if it’s worth investing in practice management and medical billing software, you must schedule a demo. The demo is a live environment where you can navigate the software and dig deeper into its features. You can analyze whether the software fits your needs or not.  


Cortex EDI reviews are proof that users are generally satisfied with the product. The reviews show that users like how straightforward it is to navigate through the software, and customer support is also highly responsive. You can read the detailed pros and cons below.  

Our Thoughts  

Cortex EDI is a leading electronic medical transaction clearinghouse and practice management software. From verifying patient eligibility to sending claims and tracking receivables, Cortex EDI assists providers at every revenue cycle stage. 

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Cortex EDI reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Used for Medicare DME Billing

August 2020


Management Consulting

The DME supply has billing capabilities that cater to the needs of DME suppliers. It makes it very easy to get claims billed and paid.
I could not find any issues or aspects of the software that I do not like.

Get EOBs quickly

March 2019


Non-Profit Organization Management

I appreciate the consistent formatting of all EOBs on Cortex, which makes them easy to read.
The titles of the reports do not indicate the insurance or provider when the reports are combined for the day.

The customer service representatives could be improved.

May 2018

Angella B.

Hospital & Health Care

I appreciate the user-friendly interface of the platform that allows easy input of clients, insurances, and doctors. The billing platform is especially commendable as it enables billing up to 6 lines per client without the need to re-enter information. This feature outweighs any other issues with the company.
It would be helpful if the customer service department received a complete in-service to ensure that all representatives have the same information. It can be frustrating to wait for a response every time we have a question about your platform that we are paying for. The process of leaving a message and waiting for a representative to return the call is time-consuming and outdated. It would be better if the company had live representatives available to answer our questions promptly.

Its great that the invoice can be uploaded!

March 2018

Lori N.


It will allow you to upload invoices instead of having to manually enter them again.
I am having difficulty making modifications to invoices.

The Claims Processing is exceptional.

April 2015



The program is very easy to use and understand, with excellent customer service. It also has helpful front-end edits and processes claims quickly.
Advanced reporting features can be improved.

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Call us at

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