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Credible is a web-based medical software solution designed for behavioral and mental health practices. The electronic health records (EHR) system helps organizations optimize workflow efficiency, improve productivity, and achieve their interoperability goals. It offers a variety of useful features, such as treatment planning, mobile access, appointment scheduling, medical billing, inpatient care, clinical documentation, and business intelligence.

This highly configurable platform enables users to document clinical notes, measure patient health progress, track service delivery, and accelerate the diagnosis process. Its intuitive interface helps providers create therapy programs with personalized patient treatment plans, progress reports, and trackable behavioral therapy courses. Through automation features, behavioral health professionals can also use the system to reduce the amount of paperwork they have to do and make sure their work flows smoothly.

Furthermore, the Credible EMR system provides an online patient portal for patient scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, and group session booking. It even sends automatic appointment reminders to help practices cut down on no-shows and handle cancellations at the last minute.

Key Features 

Workflow Automation 

Credible medical software offers end-to-end workflow automation tools that enable users to automate administrative tasks, streamline clinical documentation, and focus on improving patient outcomes. Clinicians can also use its speech-to-text feature to save time that would have been spent typing in data.

Document Management 

This behavioral health EHR captures patient details through prebuilt, customizable forms to help practices maintain data consistency. It also lets practitioners create, update, and store an unlimited number of electronic patient charts on a secure server in the cloud. This helps them improve clinical accuracy and protect data.

Patient Portal

It enables patients to participate more actively in their care process. Patients can easily schedule virtual appointments, access lab results, communicate with therapists, request prescription refills, get follow-up notifications, and pay through their preferred payment method.

Credible Pricing 

The Credible EHR cost structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. The vendor, however, has not disclosed all of the specifics of its pricing plans.

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Credible Demo 

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Credible Reviews 

Credible Behavioral Health EMR has received positive ratings from its subscribers. The software offers a powerful suite of workflow automation features, helps users enhance efficiency, and provides excellent customer support, as noted by most reviewers. 

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Our Thoughts

Credible medical software offers behavioral health and human services organizations an easy-to-use electronic health records solution that helps improve the patient experience, boost productivity, cut down on documentation mistakes, and stay in compliance with regulations.
We suggest that you try out the demo version of the app to see if it fits the needs of your practice.

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