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Encoda BackOffice is a top-rated revenue cycle management platform designed for physician practices of all sizes. The technology-driven solution empowers medical billing offices to collect payment in the shortest time possible. It combines into a single dashboard tool for managing claims, keeping track of compliance, cleaning up claims, collecting payments, and doing other medical billing tasks.

The rules-based software platform identifies and eliminates problematic claims, enabling back-office staff to prevent denials and ensure prompt reimbursements. It includes payer-specific bundling and frequency rules, custom demographic scrubbing, and a specialty-specific edit library. Practices can easily pull information from their practice management system to make dashboard reports that are easy to understand and use.

Moreover, Encoda’s analytics platform is suitable for physician practices that manage billing in-house and use Centricity Practice Solutions, Greenway Prime Suite, Nextech, Athena, or NextGen practice management systems. It also gives clients a bird's-eye view of how their billing works, so they can find trouble spots and fix them.
Key Features 

Claims Management 

The medical billing platform continuously scrubs and monitors claims that are ready for submission to payers. It uses cutting-edge technology to verify claims, find mistakes, and stop denials before they are sent so that users can get paid faster.

Reporting and Analytics

BackOffice Software features a business intelligence and dashboard reporting system that helps users track all billing data that moves through the software. It provides key performance and financial metrics to let professionals identify problem areas, discover internal trends, and analyze claim patterns. Staff in the back office can also get to the clearinghouse, practice management, and payer data in one place on the web.

Payment Management 

The program rigorously monitors the payers for available remittance files and organizes payment information without any input from the staff. It automatically asks payers for status updates so that practices can get paid as soon as possible.

Encoda BackOffice Pricing

Encoda BackOffice Software is available with monthly or annual subscriptions. The vendor, however, has not made available to the public the exact details of its price plans.

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Encoda BackOffice Demo

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Encoda BackOffice Reviews 

Encoda Medical Software Solution has received positive feedback across various accredited sites. Its comprehensive suite of medical billing tools, analytical solutions, and flexible user interface have impressed many subscribers.

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Our Thoughts

Encoda BackOffice Software is a robust revenue cycle management system that helps medical facilities bridge workflow gaps between practice management systems and clearinghouses, optimize revenue cycles, and get reimbursed promptly. Overall, many reviewers have good things to say about the app, but we suggest you try out the demo version before making a final decision.

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