Explore Encoda BackOffice Software, a cloud-based medical billing system. Your streamlined solution for healthcare revenue management. Seamlessly manage claims, compliance, and billing, backed by robust analytics. Start your journey to optimized efficiency today, improving office operations and reducing administrative burden.

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What Is Encoda BackOffice Software?


Encoda BackOffice software is a cloud-based medical billing platform that links practice management systems, clearinghouses, and payers. The software employs rules to identify and organize problematic claims and remittances in a user-friendly work queue, enhancing revenue cycle management. Resolving a claim in Encoda BackOffice triggers an automatic update in the practice management system. Key features include a claims manager, claims scrubbing, payment manager, analytics, and a watchdog.

What Is Encoda BackOffice Software Best For?

Encoda BackOffice software is best known for its maestro analytics platform, a robust and sophisticated dashboard reporting system that efficiently amalgamates data from the practice management system and payers. This information fusion allows effortlessly navigable dashboard reports that undergo automatic daily updates. These reports, designed for user convenience, are readily accessible via PC or mobile device, ensuring convenient data monitoring and analysis.

Encoda BackOffice Pricing

Encoda BackOffice cost is flexible and can be customized according to the size and budget of an organization. Contact us if you wish to get a personalized quote.

Encoda BackOffice Software Integrations

Encoda works with medical practices, MSOs, and PE firms, overseeing physician practices that use the following practice management systems:

How Does Encoda BackOffice Software Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of BackOffice software features: 

  • Log in to the dashboard
  • Create a new patient file and enter relevant information
  • Access reports and billing history
  • Wait for a response from payers and billers and automatically record responses
  • Move the claim to the suitable queue according to the payer's response
  • After transmitting the payment for posting, log the payment and seamlessly update the payment information in the PM system
  • Employ the watchdog function to oversee the BackOffice system, guaranteeing the reception of responses for all submitted claims
  • Utilize analytics to analyze trends and identify shortcomings
You can also schedule a free Encoda BackOffice demo to learn more about the software.

Who Is Encoda BackOffice Software For?

Encoda BackOffice is a billing software that bridges workflow gaps between practice management systems, clearinghouses and payers. It caters to organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Medical practices
  • PE firms
  • Software houses
  • Finance companies

Is Encoda BackOffice Software Right For You?

Encoda BackOffice is a highly regarded revenue cycle management platform tailored for physician practices of all sizes. It combines various functions into a unified dashboard tool, enabling streamlined claims management, compliance tracking, claims refinement, payment collection, and other essential medical billing tasks.

At the forefront of healthcare reimbursement automation and technology-driven revenue cycle management services, Encoda helps empower medical business offices to efficiently gather the highest revenue within minimal periods. Moreover, the software is secure and scalable as it grows with your organization's needs.

Still not sure if Encoda Systems is the right for your practice? Call us at (661) 384-7070, and we will help you make an informed decision.

Encoda BackOffice Pricing Plans

The software's cost depends on the size and requirements of your practice.

Encoda BackOffice Software Features

This feature handles claim submissions and ensures they are accurately transmitted to payers. It acts as a bridge between your practice management system and payers, offering seamless integration. Claims Manager provides a centralized platform to manage claims, reducing the chances of errors and eliminating the need for manual intervention.

The exception manager identifies exceptions, discrepancies, and errors within the claim's workflow. It acts as a safeguard, preventing problematic claims from progressing without resolution. Moreover, it notifies users of differences, enabling them to take timely corrective actions and maintain a smooth claims submission and reimbursement cycle.

The watchdog feature ensures that responses from payers are received for all claims that have been submitted. It acts as a vigilant guardian, flagging any missed or delayed responses. By continuously tracking claims status, Watchdog empowers billing teams with accurate insights, facilitating efficient follow-up and minimizing revenue leakage.

The payment manager seamlessly integrates with your practice management system to automate the payment recording. As payments are received, the Payment Manager accurately records them, reducing the manual effort required for payment reconciliation. This feature enhances accuracy and efficiency while contributing to streamlined financial management.

Claims scrubbing encompasses a range of processes, incorporating NCCI, LCD, NCD, and MUE regulations, identification of ICD-10/CPT disparities, overlooked CPT codes, and addressing payer-specific bundling and frequency rules and regulations. This is done by utilizing a specialty-specific edit library and custom demographic scrubbing, enabling billing teams to perform efficiently and enhance profitability.

Pros and Cons of Encoda BackOffice Software


  • Monitors financial metrics
  • Enables increased payment velocity
  • Helps improve billing staff productivity
  • Offers a powerful dashboard reporting tool


  • Technical glitches and occasional system downtime
  • Limited features and customization options, according to some Encoda reviews

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