Exym Software

What Is Exym? 


Exym is a cloud-based EHR software for behavioral health practices. The software simplifies their billing, documenting, telehealth, analytics, and case management processes. Exym software provides a comprehensive suite of features that enable mental health professionals to manage their patient data more efficiently.  

The behavioral and mental health solution includes powerful analytical tools to help providers track patient progress. Additionally, its built-in telehealth capabilities allow behavioral health agencies to easily provide remote care.   

What Is Exym Best For?  

Exym is popularly known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The software is also known for its billing claims and compliance tracking features. Exym makes the billing process relatively easier and saves time and energy of clinicians. As a result, Exym software enables practitioners to provide quality care, resulting in patient satisfaction and more profits. 

Exym Pricing 

Exym offers two pricing plans:  

  • Exym Core EHR  
  • Custom Setup-Up EHR 

However, the vendor does not provide pricing quotes for each plan. You can click the Get Pricing button above to get a personalized pricing quote. 

Exym Integrations  

The software provides reliable EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) integration with State and County systems. Exym integrates with various e-prescription services, which provide access to patient data from multiple sources.  

Exym software also integrates with the following third-party application:  

  • RXNT, cloud-based practice management, and EHR software 

How Does Exym Work? 

Here’s how you can start working on Exym software after installing it: 

  1. Log in to the system using credentials provided by the vendor 
  2. Set up user accounts and permissions for each team member 
  3. Configure your practice settings, such as billing information, logos, and templates 
  4. Set up your client information and start adding client profiles 
  5. Create treatment plans and document client progress notes 
  6. Use the scheduling tools to book appointments and manage staff schedules 
  7. Generate reports and track progress metrics for clients and your practice 
  8. Reach out to Exym's customer support team for any questions or assistance with the software 

You can also click the Watch Demo option to experience the software first-hand. 

Who Is Exym For?  

Exym is an intuitive, user-friendly EHR software solution designed specifically for health organizations of all sizes: small, mid-size businesses, and large-scale. Exym software can be used by the following: 

  • Behavioral Health Providers 
  • Foster Care Providers 
  • Residential Providers 
  • Substance Use Providers 
  • Schools 
  • Mental Health Specialists 

Exym Features  

  • Compliance Tracking  
    Exym software offers a powerful compliance tracking feature that helps organizations meet regulatory requirements. This feature allows users to easily monitor, track, and report on compliance activities in real time. It also provides automated alerts when any changes occur in the compliance landscape.  
    Exym’s compliance tracking feature ensures practices comply with all applicable laws and regulations. It also takes proactive steps to protect data and assets from potential threats. By leveraging this tool, organizations can reduce non-compliance penalties or fines while increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • E-Prescription 
    E-prescription allows healthcare providers to quickly and securely send prescriptions electronically. It eliminates the need for paper prescriptions, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.  
    The e-Prescribing feature in Exym software is integrated with RxNT. This integration allows providers to access patients’ medication histories and securely manage prescriptions. This feature also reduces medication errors by providing real-time alerts when potential drug interactions or allergies are detected. 
  • Self Service Portal 
    Exym software offers a comprehensive self-service portal, making it easier for mental health agencies to manage patient data. The portal allows users to easily access and update patient information, track progress, and manage appointments.   
    Additionally, the self-service portal functionality also integrates seamlessly with other Exym features, such as e-prescribing and appointment scheduling.  
  • Claims Management 
    The claims management feature helps providers manage their claims effectively while identifying potential issues quickly. Exym offers a range of tools to help medical organizations track, monitor, and manage their claims from start to finish.  
  • Note Management  
    Exym EHR software for behavioral health is a powerful tool for capturing data and managing notes. With Exym, users can easily create, store, and access notes to help organize their workflows. The software ensures that all relevant information is available when needed. 

Is Exym Right For You? 

Are you seeking an intuitive and user-friendly EHR software solution for your behavioral health agency? Exym is a noteworthy EHR software with 45000+ clients. 

Additionally, Exym is also HIPAA compliant and ONC certified. You can be sure that your data will remain safe and secure while giving you access to all the required features.  

If you are still unsure about investing in the software, then book a call with one of our experts. They will help you choose the best software for your healthcare practice. 

Exym Pricing 

  • Core EHR
  • Custom Set-Up
What’s included
(Core EHR Plan Features)
What’s included
(Custom Set-Up Plan Features)
  • Hosted on Exym servers
  • Comprehensive billing
  • Industry-leading EDI
  • Data backup
  • Document Storage
  • Application Hosting
  • Security Upgrades
  • Integration with e-prescribing and electronic claims
  • Highly responsive technical support
  • Configuration of your system and users
  • Import of your existing data
  • Customization of progress notes
  • Custom set-up of programs
  • Full user training

Exym Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Intuitive user interface and simple navigation
  • HIPAA compliant and ONC certified
  • Easy access as it is cloud-based
  • Scalable for healthcare practices of all sizes


  • Longer response time by the support team
  • Limited customization options

Exym Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Exym Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Keeping the product after free trial

April 2023


Mental Health Care

Exym has made the billing process for the County easy and cost-effective, which would have been expensive otherwise.
The templates for creating documents have limited capabilities, specifically relating to formatting and design.

EXYM Review

March 2023


Mental Health Care

The support team and customer account representatives at EXYM are great and very helpful. They have provided us with additional training and support during a period of staff turnover at our agency. The cost is reasonable for a smaller agency like ours.
I am a clinical user and supervisor of this system, and I think the dashboard and overall user experience could use some improvements. I find that there are too many steps involved in accessing frequently used tasks, which slows down productivity.

Exym Review

March 2023


Non-Profit Organization Management

Since I started using Exym more often in the last few months, I'm still getting used to the system. While most features are easy to use, it can be difficult to find them. However, the Exym Support team is always helpful and responsive when I need help locating a feature.
Sometimes, it takes a while for my requests to be answered, which is a downside. It would be great if the response time could be faster. As a new user, I find it difficult to understand how notes are connected and how important it is to enter dates correctly in EMRs. This could lead to confusion and frustration when trying to use the system.

Exym has excellent customer service

February 2023


Non-Profit Organization Management

I appreciate how Exym customized the usage and flow of the EHR to meet our specific needs during setup. This is in contrast to other EHR systems where you either have to conform your operations to fit their software or it won't function properly. Exym has maintained a high level of flexibility in configuring their system and has always been receptive to our suggestions.
I believe that there is room for improvement in Exym's reporting system, although I acknowledge that the current reports are still beneficial. I am aware that there are plans to enhance the reporting in the future, and I will amend my review accordingly when these changes are implemented.

Best EHR in Los Angeles County

January 2023


Mental Health Care

I worked at an agency in either 2010 or 2011, during which we were one of the first users of Exym in LA County. From then on, I have consistently used Exym in every agency I have worked at. What really stood out to me in the beginning was the ease of use of the system and the excellent customer service provided by Exym. Even now, I still hold those impressions. Having trained countless individuals on Exym, I always assure them that practically any issue that may arise can be resolved, and that they should feel free to navigate the system without hesitation. Users are pleased with using Exym, and they quickly understand how to use it. We have trained someone to use the talk-to-text feature, which has been successful in making note-taking easier for her. Exym has a long history of working in LA County, which has resulted in strong working relationships. This means that when changes are needed, Exym is prepared to make them promptly, ensuring compliance with county and state regulations. It's reassuring to know that we can rely on them for this.
I believe that every product has its own limitations, including software design. One drawback that I personally dislike is the inability to modify certain features as they have been designed to cater to all users.

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