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GoReminders is a cloud-based software with automated reminders that significantly improve the workflow of businesses. You can also automate scheduling for appointments with Alerts integration. It is suitable for all industries, from entrepreneurs to large businesses. The software provides email management and text messages for better client management and communication. Moreover, it streamlines your client database through the electronic storage of stakeholder, client, and team contact information. You can improve mutual availability through Calendar Sync. Calendar management helps track appointments, meetings, bookings, and future events all in one place. 

A service catalog is also integrated in GoReminders that provides self-service, centralized event management, alert automation, and tracking reminders. It provides full customization of messages through templates and available samples. This SaaS software is compatible with all Android, iOS, On-Premise - Windows, On-Premise - Linux, and all web-based devices.  

Key Features 

Complete Appointment Reminders 

Users can customize the intervals of appointments and events easily. It keeps track of all appointments and sends alerts beforehand to avoid accidentally skipping any appointments. You can easily change the settings for text reminders in case you change your appointment schedule. Link sharing and e-forms are also available for quick auto-integration.  

Automatic Text Scheduling 

Go Reminders provides shortcuts for quick replies such as "C" to "confirm" or "R" to "reschedule." Moreover, the multi-location option allows you to track text messages, emails, and social messages remotely. Integrated bilingual options further ease your medical interaction with different patients.  

Appointment & Event Management 

It helps track recurring appointments and sets auto-scheduling for them. You can access Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal integration easily. It sets clinical appointments for patients according to specifications such as doctor type and competency. The also software facilitates rescheduling and group scheduling features.  

GoReminders Software Pricing 

GoReminders pricing is available in three main plans. For more pricing details and custom quotes, click on the “Get Pricing” button at top of the page.

GoReminders Software Demo 

The free version of the software is available for all users. However, the software doesn’t have a free trial yet. Their team provides training through webinars, documentation, live sessions, email support, and a help desk. For more information, click on the “Watch Demo” button to get a live GoReminders Demo. 

GoReminders Software Reviews 

The software has been rated with positive reviews by thousands worldwide. Many websites have enlisted the software in top reminder platforms. It offers forms to fill in information online and book appointments. All filled appointment and event forms are auto-synced to the Calendar. You can find personal customer reviews of GoReminders in the Reviews Section below.  

Our Thoughts 

GoReminders Software is a web-based text scheduling and email tracking software. It provides complete communication tracking and monitoring. You can reduce the number of no-shows with the event tracking feature. It also allows you to record missed appointments in a summarized monthly report. GoReminders is a holistic software for alerts that can help you improve your professional medical practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does GoReminders Software offer an API?

No, GoReminders does not provide an API for its users.

Does GoReminders support mobile devices?

GoReminders Software provides support for the following mobile devices: Android and iPhone/iPad.

What languages does GoReminders support?

GoReminders Software supports the following languages: English

What level of support does GoReminders Software offer?

GoReminders Software provides support at the following levels: Chat, email, and a help desk are all options.

Who are the typical users of GoReminders?

Following are the typical users of GoReminders software: Freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, large enterprises, non-profits, and public administrations.

GoReminders Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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GoReminders Software reviews

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