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Graphium Health is a comprehensive solution designed for anesthesia practices. It turns leads into revenue with its intact patient engagement, data capture, and revenue management services. In addition, Graphium Health software ensures practices work in compliance with MARCA regulations and score MIPS bonuses. 

The vendor expands its services to many other specialties by integrating with their EHRs. Epic, Meditech, Evident, CPSI, and Allscripts are some of its featured EHR integrations. Besides that, Graphium provides anesthesia service providers with best-in-class medical billing, practice management, case conciliation, and advanced customization services. 

Key Features

Minimalistic Paperwork 

Believing in a lightweight and user-friendly clinical environment, Graphium makes an effort to reduce physician burnout. It reduces paperwork and clutter by digitizing clinical processes. Billing, claims management, documentation, and all tasks are computerized. 

Graphium supports an innovative digital paper interface for physicians who cherish the simplicity of paper forms. This way, it eliminates the error-induced elements from form management and the charge-capturing process. And thus, it nurtures a reliable provider-patient experience. 

Medical Billing 

Managed bills and invoices have always proven to be an impediment to streamlining clinical workflow. But with Graphium, anesthesia practices have nothing to worry about. It takes medical billing to a new level with its embedded RCM capabilities. 

It features built-in case reconciliation services to prevent discrepancies. Aside from that, it includes coding, credentialing, and collection functionalities. The vendor features seamless billing integration for practices that already have a billing system. 

Data Capture 

The feature set of this anesthesia practice management suite goes beyond basic charge capture. It has flexible data capture capabilities to eliminate all clinical workflow inefficiencies. Identifying eligible documents and duplicity errors is a breeze for Graphium. 

It is also equipped with pre-op information management, data validation, charting compliance, and workflow services. All this is followed by a digital paper interface and advanced customization so the vendor can easily adapt to the practice's needs. 

Graphium Health Pricing 

Graphium Health still needs to provide the cost details. But the user says it offers impressive plans that even small anesthesia practices can afford without breaking the bank. Click on the "Get Pricing" button to request Graphium's price details. 

Graphium Health Demo 

Yet not ready to upgrade your clinical services with the advanced technical services of Graphium Health Watch?  Worry no more, just click on ‘Watch Demo’ to get a visual demonstration of Graphium Health features. 

Graphium Health Reviews 

Small anesthesia practices claim this realistic solution revolutionizes their setup and adds value through effective data capture. With this anesthesia practice management suite, there’s no problem that a clinician can never resolve. The intraoperative documentation platform of Graphium anesthesia ensures physicians stay compliant with regulatory bodies. Consult the reviews section below for a detailed exploration. 

Our Thoughts

Graphium is an enticing platform for anesthesia practices. It's lightweight, easy to get a hold of, and packed with unmatchable integrations. Promoting focused and attentive patient care services complements the landscape of care practices. This robust solution manages 

Graphium Health software indeed makes a difference in the practice’s revenue by turning physicians' dreams into reality.

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