MD Charts

MD Charts is a specialty-tailored electronic health records system designed for ambulatory practices of all sizes. The cloud-based application offers features such as practice management, electronic patient intake, medical billing, scanned image management, bi-directional laboratory integration, a patient portal, advanced analytics reporting, MIPS data collection and reporting, and several other useful functionalities. It provides customizable templates for various clinical specialties, including urology, dermatology, obstetrics, cardiology, psychology, pulmonology, internal medicine, and more. 

The all-in-one medical software solution integrates seamlessly with various third-party practice management applications available on the market. Clinicians can easily customize the pre-built templates to fit their clinical workflows. MD Charts Software also includes personalized macros and shortcuts to speed up the note-taking process and reduce the practice’s administrative burden. 

Its robust document management and tracking system comes equipped with tailor-fit templates specific to various healthcare facilities. Overall, the program has a simple, web-based user interface that helps healthcare facilities run more efficiently and give the best care to their patients.         

Key Features

Document Management System 

The MD Charts medical software comes with a powerful document management system that allows healthcare professionals to scan old patient charts as PDF documents directly into the system. It has unlimited storage space and makes it easy to get to patient documents for better, more coordinated care.

Practice Management 

MD Charts’ practice management system enables users to streamline their day-to-day clinical, administrative, and financial tasks. Clinicians can leverage the application to run advanced analytics on their operational and financial processes. Moreover, they can organize their to-do lists and stay on top of pending tasks. 

Medical Billing 

MD Charts comes equipped with a robust billing module that enables medical practices to streamline patient eligibility verification and maximize revenue collection. This offering also gives users easy access to the patient account ledger, with a comprehensive explanation of paid and outstanding amounts. 

MD Charts Pricing 

The MD Charts software cost structure is based on the typical subscription-based model. Further, their pricing for the basic subscription plan starts at $190.00. Please contact the company for more information. 

MD Charts Demo 

You can get a quick visual walkthrough of the product’s functionalities by simply scheduling a demo (click the corresponding button above or on this page). 

With the full MD Charts medical software demo, you can look at the software in more depth and test out its features in real-time. 

MD Charts and Reviews 

MD Charts boasts an overall satisfied consumer base. The application is lauded for its tons of useful features, intuitive interface, and powerful reporting tools. 

Got something to say about this program? Share your MD Charts Software reviews with us in our Reviews section! 

Our Thoughts 

MD Charts is an all-in-one medical software solution that gives medical practices a central place to manage patient information and improve the efficiency of their workflow.

We recommend opting for the software demo to see whether the product matches your unique requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does MD Charts Software offer an API?

No, MD Charts Software does not provide an API for its users.

Does MD Charts software support mobile devices?

No, MD Charts Software does not support mobile devices.

What languages does MD Charts software support?

MD Charts Software supports the following languages: English.

What level of support does MD Charts Software offer?

MD Charts Software provides support at the following levels: 24/7 (Live Rep).

Who are the typical users of MD Charts Software?

Majority of MD Charts Software users are ambulatory practices of small to medium-size.

MD Charts Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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MD Charts reviews

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