MD Charts

What Is MD Charts? 


MD Charts EHR is a cloud-based software designed to streamline the workflow of medical professionals, making it easier for them to see more patients. Its clean, modern, intuitive, and easy-to-learn interface can be easily personalized to fit any workflow. MD Charts EHR offers various features, including built-in Peak Charge Capture™ and accurate ICD-10 coding, comprehensive dashboard, and personalized accelerators and shortcuts.  

The software also has MIPs Made Easy℠, which collects valuable data to maximize reimbursement rates with virtually no extra work. MD Charts EHR offers secure exchange of patient information with other providers, and online appointment booking for better patient and practice experience. 

What Is MD Charts Best For? 

MD Charts EHR stands out for its user-friendly and intuitive design, which streamlines medical documentation and improves patient care. Its modern interface allows healthcare professionals to navigate the software easily and use its features efficiently. Personalization options let users customize their interface to access frequently used tools and features with ease. The layout, resembling a traditional paper chart, is familiar to medical professionals, simplifying their workflow.

The software includes voice dictation capabilities, allowing medical professionals to enter patient data quickly and accurately using natural language. Pre-populated dropdown menus further enhance efficiency and accuracy when inputting data. With MD Charts, healthcare providers can easily chart, manage, and store patient data, improving the quality of care they provide. 

MD Charts Pricing 

The standard pricing plans offered by MD Charts start at $190. Explore your subscription options with our sales team - click on Get Pricing. 

MD Charts Integrations 

The software can be integrated with a variety of third-party applications. However, the vendor has not disclosed the list of applications. For more information regarding integrations, contact our customer support team by clicking on Get Demo. 

How Does MD Charts Work?

Here is how to get started with MD Charts: 

  • Create user accounts for each healthcare professional and staff member who will be using the software 
  • Configure various system settings, such as default charting templates, appointment reminders, and billing rules. Customize the settings based on the needs of your practice 
  • Customize charting templates to meet the specific needs of your practice. You can create templates or modify ones to include the information you need to capture for each patient visit 
  • Add patient information. This includes demographic information, medical history, insurance information, and any other relevant details 

For more queries, see a live MD Charts demo by clicking Get Demo

Who Is MD Charts For? 

MD Charts is an EHR software designed to simplify clinical administration for hospital staff, including physicians, nurses, and front desk staff. The software provides customizable templates, reporting tools, and electronic patient intake to streamline workflows. MD Charts also offers specialty specific EHRs for pediatricians, OB/GYN specialists, and dermatologists, ensuring that the software meets the unique needs of each specialty. 

MD Charts Features  

  • Patient Engagement 
    MD Charts offers a range of patient engagement tools to improve patient care and outcomes. Patients can use the patient portal to access their medical charts, view test results, and communicate securely with healthcare providers. The software also includes online appointment scheduling and a secure messaging system for patients to communicate easily with their providers. 
  • Medical Billing 
    MD Charts EHR software includes medical billing features that enable medical professionals to manage patient billing efficiently. The software checks patients' insurance eligibility and assists with the correct diagnosis and procedure codes for submitting claims. It also allows medical professionals to create and submit electronic claims, track the status of claims, and reduce denials in real-time. 
  • Appointment Scheduling  
    Patients can schedule appointments directly from the patient portal, which can save physicians' time and reduce missed appointments. MD Charts also provides customized scheduling templates and automatically assigns available appointment slots based on medical professionals' availability and other factors. The software can manage patient waitlists for canceled or rescheduled appointments, allowing medical professionals to fill open slots more efficiently. 
  • Lab Integration 
    MD Charts offers lab integration features that allow medical professionals to manage lab tests and results within the EHR system. It enables medical professionals to create lab orders directly from the EHR system and automatically receive and process lab results. The software also provides integrated capabilities to help medical professionals interpret lab results, view historical lab trend charts, and analyze data. 

Is MD Charts Right For You?  

MD Charts is a robust practice management platform that supports several specialties, including OB/GYN, pediatrics, and internal medicine. It offers extensive customization capabilities to meet the unique requirements of each practitioner. The software's intuitive interface makes it easy to look up relevant information within minutes, even as the practice grows. 

With integrated patient engagement tools, MD Charts allows patients to communicate securely with their healthcare providers and provide feedback on their treatment plans. The software also generates reports based on real-time insights and accumulated data. 

Check out MD Charts EHR reviews to see what current users have to say. 

MD Charts Pricing

MD Charts offer customizable pricing plans, generally starting at $190. Click on Get Pricing to get in touch with our sales team for more information about your pricing options.  

MD Charts Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Extremely user-friendly and intuitive
  • Customizable and adheres to different specialties
  • Offers integration with third-party applications


  • electronically, raising concerns about data security

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does MD Charts Software offer an API?

No, MD Charts Software does not provide an API for its users.

Does MD Charts software support mobile devices?

No, MD Charts Software does not support mobile devices.

What languages does MD Charts software support?

MD Charts Software supports the following languages: English.

What level of support does MD Charts Software offer?

MD Charts Software provides support at the following levels: 24/7 (Live Rep).

Who are the typical users of MD Charts Software?

Majority of MD Charts Software users are ambulatory practices of small to medium-size.

MD Charts Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

MD Charts reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


The EMR system is excellent and the customer service is exceptional.

March 2022


Hospital & Health Care

The software is working well without any issues.

MD Charts Reviews

January 2022


Medical Practice

The best feature is the help that is readily available and willing
The cumbersome way to find a pt, many times it says pt does not exist unless I put the name a certain way. Need to change and make it easier.

Great product

December 2019


Medical Practice

I appreciate the flexibility of the software. However, in order to make record releases, I have to print and save different parts of a chart multiple times. Nonetheless, I do like the reports that Im able to generate.
I havent encountered any issues with the company as I have only been working here for a few years. I have not identified any problems yet. Please check back with me in the future.

Extremely Satisfied

May 2019


Medical Practice

The system is very user-friendly.
I cannot think of anything significant to write about as nothing is bothering me about the program at the moment.

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Call us at

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