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In search of a tailored EHR experience? EMA EHR caters to various medical fields, from allergy to urology. With its innovative features and FHIR-certified API, the software ensures seamless interoperability and data sharing. Dive deeper to understand its comprehensive offerings and how it improves patient care in today's dynamic healthcare landscape.

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What Is EMA EHR? 


ModMed's (Modernizing Medicine) EMA EHR is a cloud-based solution that caters to various medical specialties, from allergy to urology. This software offers multiple features that help enhance patient care. With its intuitive interface and lab integration options, EMA provides solutions that simplify clinical workflows, ensuring efficient patient management and data handling. 

What Is EMA EHR Best For? 

EMA software stands out for its specialization in diverse medical fields, from dermatology practices to plastic surgery clinics. Its unique FHIR-certified API ensures interoperability, allowing providers and patients to share clinical health data. This facilitates practitioners to treat patients with a holistic view of their medical history. 

EMA EHR Pricing 

Pricing depends on your practice's type and needs. Get tailored EMA EHR cost today! 

EMA EHR Integrations 

The software integrates with various health systems, labs, and pharmacies through ModMed synapSYS. The following are some of the notable integrations on offer: 

  • Klara 
  • NextPatient 
  • Compliancy Group 
  • Augmedix 
  • MotionMD 
  • ChartRequest 

How Does EMA EHR Work? 

This section will guide you through the workings of the EMA EHR system after installation: 

  • Log in and access the dashboard 
  • Navigate to the desired medical specialty module 
  • Access patient data and input new clinical data 
  • Utilize the FHIR-certified API to share and access clinical health data across different health systems 
  • Explore specialized features tailored for each medical specialty 

The EMA EHR demo offers an in-depth look at how you can streamline your medical practice. 

Who Is EMA EHR For? 

ModMed EMA caters to small, medium, and enterprise teams, offering a specialty-specific EHR system. It is a software suitable for healthcare providers across various specialties, including: 

  • Allergy 
  • Dermatology 
  • OBGYN 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Orthopedics 
  • Pain management 
  • Urology 

Is EMA EHR Right For You? 

Whether you're searching for a dedicated dermatology EHR system or exploring comprehensive practice management solutions, EMA stands out. Crafted by practicing physicians, it provides a comprehensive suite of EHR solutions, ensuring you have everything you need, from specialty-specific offerings to all-encompassing EHR tools. 

Furthermore, with its focus on security and scalability, the software ensures that patient data is protected while offering the flexibility to grow with your practice. 

If you're looking to address specific pain points in patient management and data handling, EMA software might be your solution. Still not sure if EMA EHR is suitable for you? Contact our customer support team at (661) 384-7070 or go through EMA EHR reviews for customers' opinions about the software. 

EMA EHR Pricing Plans 

EMA EHR cost is based on the specific requirements of your practice. 

EMA EHR Features

EMA's e-prescribing feature, available on both iPad and web, is powered by Surescripts integration. It streamlines the medication prescription process, providing insights like Prescription History and Formulary. With secure EPCS capabilities, it ensures controlled substances are prescribed safely. Additionally, this feature aids professionals in meeting MIPS compliance standards.

EMA software offers an integrated Patient Portal within its cloud-based EHR system, streamlining various patient tasks. The platform allows patients to update medical records, schedule appointments, access lab results or notes, communicate with the practice, launch telehealth sessions, pay balances, and request prescription refills. For healthcare providers, this portal reduces administrative burdens, enhances patient-provider communication, and boosts patient engagement.

The AI-driven system offers patients the convenience of self-scheduling, potentially boosting satisfaction and reducing call volumes. Patients can easily request or reschedule appointments via text or automated systems, eliminating the hassle of phone tag. The EMA EHR system provides custom scheduling links based on appointment type and provider, allowing practices to set available slots with time-zone clarity. Additionally, patients can upload insurance details during scheduling and access the feature from various devices. However, this functionality may require an additional purchase.

EMA EHR streamlines the documentation process by automatically generating essential documents as you input exam details. EMA handles everything from billing codes and visits notes to encounter forms with ICD-10 codes, orders, prescriptions, pathology requisitions, and patient education handouts. This automation ensures accuracy and liberates your Medical Assistant from manual document creation.

Pros and Cons of EMA EHR


  • Offers specialized modules for various medical fields
  • FHIR-certified API that promotes seamless interoperability
  • Intuitive and straightforward, making it quick to learn and use
  • Enables users to manage more tasks efficiently
  • Charting is quick and accurate, with frequent updates


  • The scheduling can be improved. While you can set appointment types per location or provider, schedulers still see all options, including those not applicable

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EMA software streamlines clinical processes with features like ePrescribing and the Patient Portal. Its cloud-based EHR system integrates with health systems, automating documentation generation, including billing codes and ICD-10 coded encounter forms. This reduces manual work and enhances patient management efficiency.

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