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Panacea EHR Software

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Discover the power of Panacea EHR software, an ONC-ACB certified cloud-based solution designed for practices of all sizes. Streamline your workflow with interactive dashboards, billing management, and document imaging. Enhance patient engagement with a self-service portal. Request a demo to experience the simplicity and affordability of Panacea EHR software.

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What is Panacea EHR Software?


Panacea EMR Software is an ONC-ACB certified cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) solution for small, midsize, and large practices. The platform includes drag and drops abilities for vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature. It comes with a highly integrated database design and system modules to provide easy access to all the functionalities.

Key features include interactive dashboards, billing management, document management, document imaging, billing management, and delivery system. The patient self-service portal enables patients to access their medical records and information. With Panacea EMR Software, users can also integrate e-prescription, document management, and laboratory updates into an interactive dashboard.

The software enhances productivity with improved scheduling, billing, note-taking, complete configuration of the financial and healthcare spectrum of practice. As per Panacea Software Reviews, the software provides phone and live email tech support and training through user guides and videos for internal medicine, family practice, ambulatory care, general practice, and primary care practices of all sizes.

Users can request a Panacea EMR Software Demo to get a complete overview of the solution. The software can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis.

The system also includes functionalities to provide clinical documentation, instantaneous scanning medication reconciliation, user dashboard for labs, and storage of both electronic and handwritten records. The software comparison shows that Panacea EMR Software Cost is set reasonably.

Panacea EMR Software Pricing

The Pricing Plan for the software starts at $199.00 per month.

Software Support

It offers support via phone and email.

Pros and Cons of Panacea EHR Software


  • The software offers a simple and straightforward user interface. Their email appointment reminders help users reduce no-shows


  • It is still not linked to Google features and laboratories

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The implementation of Panacea software is quite simple, and users need to follow a few simple steps to get started. You can also schedule a free demo.

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