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PCC is a privately held, independent EHR provider with over 35 years of industry expertise, working primarily to address the needs of independent pediatricians. Since 1983, the system has designed technologies that provide physicians more time with their patients.  

The PCC software offers training to suit each provider’s business and assists the independent pediatric practices that desire to enhance patients' health. The software seeks to be intuitive, accessible, and configurable to each user. As a Benefit Corporation, the system integrates business practices with responsible values and puts the needs of clients, workers, and the community first. 

PCC EMR Key Features 

Financial Management

PCC offers specialized financial management systems for pediatric and adolescent care practices. The ease of workflow and payment speed by revenue cycle management capabilities will astonish you if you transition from another EHR vendor. In addition, the pediatrics-only billing and practice management solution is well-worth an investment. It makes it simple to handle money, run an intelligent practice, and remain firmly in charge of the future. 

Optimized Workflow

Clinical workflow tools that are certified were made with the help of top pediatricians. This means that they understand how a busy clinic works and the challenges you face every day in a healthcare system that is constantly changing. 

Using the PCC EMR software, you may simplify your business processes and improve the quality of patient interactions. The software is simple and intuitive to use. As a result, you'll be less distracted, and your talks will flow more naturally. Additionally, you'll be able to stay in touch with everyone involved throughout the process, from the moment you arrive at the moment you leave. 


From immunization records to data claims, PCC is constantly developing interfaces to the most relevant systems in healthcare technology. This ensures that clients can consistently and efficiently obtain necessary information. Interoperability connections are included in the PCC's comprehensive care plan. There are various types of immunization records, such as state and municipal immunization registries, electronic lab results, eligibility, electronic claims submission (ECS), and electronic remittance advice (ERA). 


All-inclusive service plans with one monthly charge are available to pediatric practices using PCC EHR. There is no additional charge for the patient portal or any other software features. Therefore, there are no unexpected costs to be concerned about. You can reach out to the vendor for more details. 


Not sure if PCC Healthcare software is the best choice for you? Don't worry; the company will give you a free demo. The demo lets you test the software in real-time to see what it can do. You can also figure out whether the software meets your needs during the demo. 


There are various reviews of the software on several websites. Most of the reviews give the software 4 or 5 stars, which shows that people love it and its unique features. Read the PCC reviews below to find out about the pros and cons. 

Our Thoughts

PCC EHR and medical billing software only work with pediatricians. Unlike other vendors, it focuses all of its resources on the things that matter most to independent pediatricians. All of PCC EHR’s efforts are focused on helping pediatricians remain self-reliant, which is the motivating force behind everything they do. 

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