Practice EHR Software

What Is Practice EHR Software? 


Practice EHR Software is a one-stop solution designed to meet the unique needs of your specialty. It simplifies practice tasks with an intuitive workflow and modern design. Practice EHR enables anyone in your office to do their job easily and effectively. With solutions ranging from EHR, practice management, revenue cycle management, specialty-specific clearinghouses, telemedicine, and a patient kiosk, Practice EHR is designed to simplify and enhance your practice. 

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What Is Practice EHR Known For?

Practice EHR is known for offering customizability, which translates to the software being used for any specialty. It also offers a comprehensive suite of features to make daily operations easier. The user-friendly interface is designed for all skill levels, making implementation and onboarding easier. 

Practice EHR Pricing   

Practice EHR offers various plans that include; Practice EHR Standard, Practice EHR Pro, and Practice EHR Enterprise. 

Practice EHR Standard starts at $199/month per provider and goes up to $299/month per provider. 

For Practice EHR Pro and Enterprise, click the "Get Pricing" button for a customized quote. 

Practice EHR Integrations   

Practice EHR can be integrated with a large number of software. The following are some of the Practice EMR integrations: 

  • Surescripts 
  • Exostar 
  • West Corp 
  • TokBox 
  • Quest Diagnostics 
  • Labcorp 
  • Active Management 
  • Consulmed 
  • Dulcian Health 
  • Appriss 

How Does Practice EHR Work?  

The following guide will help you get started after logging in: 

  1. Setting Up Users: Add users who will use the platform and assign roles to them. 
  2. Customizing Your Dashboard: Customize the dashboard to match your practice workflow. 
  3. Setting Up Appointments: Schedule appointments according to need and ensure that information is up-to-date. 
  4. Managing documents: Set up folders to store and access documents, and make templates for common types of documents. 
  5. Using Clinical Notes and Templates: Create note templates to help streamline documentation in the EHR system. 
  6. Getting in touch with patients: Use the patient portal to let patients see their health records. 
  7. Generating Reports: Create various reports to help analyze your practice data. 
  8. Billing and Payments: Integrate finance into daily operations and ensure you comply with industry standards. 

Watch the demo by clicking the button above and get an in-depth look at Practice EHR! 

Who Is Practice EHR For?   

Practice EHR can help small to medium practices of almost all specialties, including: 

  • Bariatric 
  • Cardiology 
  • Chiropractic 
  • Dermatology 
  • Endocrinology 
  • ENT 

Practice EMR and EHR software is made to be flexible enough to meet the needs of all specialties, from those with only one specialty to those with many. 

Practice EHR Features 

The following Practice EHR features are designed to streamline your workflows: 

  • Integrated PM and Clearinghouse 
    With integrated practice management and clearinghouse functionality, you get the tools you need to streamline processes. By utilizing scheduling, collections, and coding and eliminating manual data entry and reconciliation processes, you can drastically reduce billing mistakes while also increasing the speed of your entire claim process. 
  • Patient Portal 
    The Practice EHR patient portal is a multi-functional resource that provides secure communication between patients and providers and stores essential medical information such as medical history, lab results, diagnoses, and prescriptions. Patients can use the portal to request appointments, refills, view statements, and make payments, reducing staff phone time and minimizing distractions. 
  • E-Prescribing 
    The e-prescribing feature is powered by Surescripts and offers efficient and safe e-prescribing that eliminates guesswork and saves time. This feature is EPCS-certified, enabling providers to e-prescribe controlled substances securely and safely. That eliminates potential errors, prescription fraud, and abuse while automating prescription renewals and authorizations. 
  • Reports And Key Performance Indicators 
    The reporting tools provide a holistic view of key performance indicators (KPIs) in an easy-to-understand format. The in-depth clinical and financial reporting helps track progress and make data-driven decisions. It's designed to track progress toward meeting MIPS requirements with a comprehensive dashboard. 

Is Practice EHR Right for You? 

Practice EHR is a one-stop solution designed to meet the unique needs of your specialty. Offering customizability and a comprehensive suite of features, it simplifies tasks with an intuitive workflow and modern design. 

With affordable pricing plans, secure e-prescribing capabilities, patient portal integration, and robust reporting tools, Practice EHR should be at the top of your list when looking for EHR software. 

Whether a single specialty practice or a multi-specialty organization, Practice EHR can help you succeed in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. 

Get started today to see why many healthcare professionals have trusted Practice EHR and take the first step towards streamlining your practice. 

Pricing Plans

  • PM
  • EHR
  • EHR + PM
  • EHR Pro
199 / month
179 / month
299 / month
What’s included
(PM Plan Features)
What’s included
(EHR Plan Features)
What’s included
(EHR+PM Plan Features)
What’s included
(EHR Pro Plan Features)
  • Unlimited access to online training videos
  • Project management
  • Live training
  • Onsite training
  • Dashboard
  • Charting
  • Electronic Encounter
  • Document Management
  • Secure Messaging
  • Scheduling
  • Electronic Eligibility
  • Appointment Reminder
  • 100 e-Faxes
  • Reports
  • Billing Dashboard
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Electronic Claims
  • Patient Statement
  • ERA
  • Follow-up & Denial Management
  • Everything in PM +
  • Meaningful Use Certified
  • Charting
  • Voice Recognition
  • E/M Coding
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • E-Prescribing
  • Lab Integration
  • Scanning
  • Reports
  • Patient Portal
  • Tele Visit
  • Kiosk
  • E-Link
  • Everything in EHR +
  • 200 e-Faxes
  • Billing Dashboard
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Electronic Claims
  • Patient Statement
  • ERA
  • Follow-up and Denial Management
  • Everything in Practice EHR Standard +
  • Priority Support
  • Multi-Practice View
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Customizable BI Dashboard
  • Enterprise Reporting (multiple practices)
  • Advanced Clinical
  • Advanced Multi-Specialty
  • Advanced Patient
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement
  • Advanced Analytics with Power BI
  • Premium Option
  • Multi-region Standby Server
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Practice EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do they bill monthly or annually?

PracticeEHR doesn’t offer a monthly subscription they only do annual billing.

Does PracticeEHR charge for implantation or training?

Yes, PracticeEHR charges a separate fee for implementation and training.

How much does Practice EHR Software cost?

Practice EHR Standard starts at $199/month per provider and goes up to $299/month per provider. For Practice EHR Pro and Enterprise, feel free to click the Get Pricing button for a quote.

How much does PracticeEHR’s module EHR+PM cost?

The EHR+PM of PracticeEHR costs $248 per month per provider which is billed annually.

Is Practice EHR Software cloud-based?

Yes, Practice EHR is cloud-based. That means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and any device.

Is PracticeEHR certified?

Yes, PracticeEHR is 2015 CEHRT.

What are the main features of Practice EHR Software? 

The main features of Practice EHR include an integrated PM and clearinghouse, a patient portal, e-prescribing capabilities, robust reporting tools, and secure data storage.

What level of support does Practice EHR Software have? 

Practice EHR offers support via a dedicated helpline and email. They also feature an extensive knowledge base on their website.

Who are the main users of Practice EHR Software?

Practice EHR is designed to provide a solution for small to medium practices of almost all specialties.

Practice EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Practice EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

31 Reviews


I recommend everyone to try it

July 2022


Elevate Wellness and Chiropractice

The calendar is really nice to look at. It organizes everything according to priority. The billing feature is also wonderful as well.
Customer service needs to decrease the wait time. Im getting really tired of this.


June 2022


Westside Podiatric Associates

Due to it being cloud-based I’m able to access it from anywhere and I can customize it the way I want it to be. It is an amazing software.
The system often takes more time to start up, and there are times I am unable to find the right diagnosis.

Simple and easy, covers all your EHR needs

May 2022


Caremed Primary and Urgent Care PC

I love how simple and user-friendly the UX/UI interface is for this software. Practice EHR is easy to learn and there is no particular learning curve for staff training. It has a lot of options for your daily practice tasks. There is no elaborate implementation requiring a specialized IT staff, or professional installation. Their customer support staff is very good and always accessible.
The software is perfect except for one important feature, that is being missed from it: a patient kiosk. But the company has provided reassurance that it will be offered in the upcoming upgrades so I am waiting for that.

Great practice partner

April 2021


Premier Psychiatry Services

The software works well for our practice and it is user-friendly. I am happy with the service offered by the customer support.
Nothing it is great overall.

Excellent for my solo practice

April 2021


Health, Wellness and Fitness

It served all the goals and requirements for my small physiotherapy practice. Fully implemented solution with quick notes, billing and scheduling. Very easy to prescribe medicines as well.
It is confusing to look up patients by their name.

A valuable addition to our practice

April 2021


Delaware Total Foot and Ankle

It is cloud based and has a simple interface which has helped me manage my practice with ease.
They should give us more control over the templates.

I am happy customer!

September 2020


Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center

The interface is so easy to navigate through and they provide exceptional client support.
I would like it if I could add my own templates and had more control over them.

Has been the best one so far.

September 2020


Valley Foot & Ankle Specialists

While I would say no EMR is perfect this one is pretty close to it! It is very easy to use.
I wish I could copy and paste things in the notes section.


November 2019


Premier Psychiatric Services LLC

The system is user-friendly. It streamlines the billing process. They offer great support whenever required. My overall experience with the software has been great.
There are times when the system gets a bit slow, but generally, it works well.

Great EHR

October 2019



I wish I would have known about Practice EHR before I engaged with my earlier EHR. They always gave me an answer each time I had an inquiry, their client support is extraordinary thus accommodating, one of their tech support people always gets in touch with me even when I face an issue or difficulty late. I truly suggest this tool if you have a small practice and need an EHR that is straightforward and proficient. The effortlessness and the effectiveness to explore the framework. It is a generally excellent system for a small practice, the superbill with all CPT code is extremely useful.
It would be great if they have procedure template for my forte that is pain management however, I am certain they will get it later on.

Love the e-RX functionality

May 2019


Baptist Dental Center, Inc.

The software is so easy to use. No extensive training or programming experience required to operate it. I especially love their e-prescriptions. This has made our practice significantly easier. Pain management for patients is so much more efficient with this feature. No extra hassle or time wastage. Communication with pharmacies and patients is on our fingertips. And what makes it even better is how cost-effective it is.
Setting up and implementation takes a while but once done, the system works seamlessly.

Good value for money

May 2019


Lightning Mobility Evaluations

Practice EHR is a great service. It is extremely user-friendly and flexible to a great degree. There is an abundant opportunity for customization. The people behind it do not disappoint either. Top notch customer service. The sales executive that initially dealt with me was a highly knowledgeable specialist. Their tech support is always available and is very efficient in fixing any issues we encounter.
There are some areas of the software that aren’t relevant to my practice needs. But that isn’t a major issue.

Too slow. Not worth it

May 2019



Editing data is considerably easy. Their coding system is up-to-date.
The software is so not suited for an eye clinic. The working is cumbersome. Too many workarounds. Every little task requires too many steps to completion. You cannot overview older information from within a record instead you have to close the window and open the older records to see them, which makes for a very inefficient service.

great support

May 2019


Romana Zvereva MD

The company staff is one of the most amazing I have come across throughout my medical health career. The sales reps, the tech support crew, and customer service are all very polite and actively helpful. They always find you the right and timely answers for your issues and never disappoint.
I do not find this software particularly user-friendly. It may be because I do not have a lot of experience with computations and tech devices, this system has been a little challenging for me to use. You are required to customize in a lot of the areas for it to work properly.

A robust and adaptive product

May 2019


Empowering Integrated Care Solutions, LLC

Super easy to navigate this system. The customizability is great. It has been very helpful in creating personalized templates and report formats that fit our needs. This has significantly increased our efficiency on an organizational level. Their support reps have been a huge help throughout. Practice EHR has enabled us to cater to our patient’s changing needs more effectively without costing us an arm and leg. I highly recommend this software to more organizations in the medical healthcare professions.
the system can sometimes be a little cumbersome. The screen freezes on the application sometimes. You need to sign out and the re-sign in to make it run properly again which I suppose could be because they are still relatively new. I hope they fix these glitches in the future upgrades.

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Call us at

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