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Tight budgets and complex compliance requirements strain practices struggling to sustain quality chronic care programs. Prevounce Health streamlines clinical workflows, automates documentation and billing, and guides staff through personalized care plans. Explore how their Chronic Care Management solution could simplify your processes while boosting revenue.

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What Is Prevounce Health?


 Prevounce Health is a cloud-based healthcare management platform that simplifies the delivery of preventive care, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring. The software streamlines clinical workflows, improves patient engagement, and automates billing and coding. It helps practices, health systems, and payers provide proactive, whole-person care and generate additional revenue from high-value services.

Prevounce Health Pricing

The software offers flexible pricing plans for every practice, depending on size and requirements. You can get a customized Prevounce pricing plan by reaching out to us.

Prevounce Health Integrations

The software seamlessly integrates with various third-party apps and medical systems. such as:

Who Is Prevounce Health For?

 The software supports the following:

  • Primary Care Institutions
  • Specialty Services
  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems
  • Payors
Watch Prevounce Health demo to learn more about its functionalities.

Is Prevounce Health Right For You?

Tired of jumping through hoops just to receive proper payment for the care your practice provides? Prevounce was created specifically to streamline preventive, chronic, and remote care workflows while ensuring your services are reimbursed appropriately.

The platform's built-in safeguards and privacy features ensure strict HIPAA compliance so you can focus on patient care instead of compliance headaches. Robust authentication methods and automatic security updates protect both your practice data and your patients' sensitive health information.

As a leading healthcare technology provider, Prevounce understands the importance of cybersecurity. The platform is annually assessed by independent auditors to validate its comprehensive security posture and resilience against modern threats.

Still not sure if it's the right choice for you? Contact us at 661-384-7070 and let our experienced team assist you in making an informed decision.

Prevounce Health Features

Prevounce offers intelligent eligibility verification that goes beyond typical coverage checks to determine medical necessity requirements and insurance coverage for each patient. This helps streamline the registration process.

The software provides intuitive, EMR-integrated smart service wizards with custom step-by-step instructions to reduce the time spent on annual wellness visits, preventive services, and chronic care services.

Prevounce seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and guides staff through the process of creating personalized care plans for patients with chronic conditions.

Providers can leverage connected devices and the Prevounce platform to monitor patient vitals and symptoms virtually between in-office visits for conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

The software offers billing and coding assistance to minimize unpaid claims and ensure practices receive proper credit and reimbursement for the services they deliver.

Pros and Cons of Prevounce Health


  • Simplifies complex clinical and administrative workflows for preventive, chronic, and remote care
  • Helps practices achieve higher reimbursement by automatically logging and billing eligible care management services
  • Uses intelligent eligibility checks and customizable templates/wizards that reduce documentation burden for providers, according to Prevounce health reviews


  • Training and support requirements to onboard an entire practice and ensure proper ongoing usage of all the platform's features
  • Potential issues integrating with some older electronic health record systems depending on available APIs and compatibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prevounce Health offers 24/7 support through phone, email and live chat. They also provide training and onboarding services.

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