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SMART is a web-based EHR by Amazon Web Services. It delivers enhanced workflow automation in outpatient substance abuse treatment centers that provide opioid addiction therapy and methadone maintenance services. Simplifies admissions, service delivery, dose verification, prescription dispensing, inventory management, quality assurance, billing, and drug test management. 

SMART EHR hosting platform includes HIPAA-compliant cloud storage powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to boost efficiency and safety. As a result, it effortlessly scales to meet the expanding needs of companies while increasing speed and performance. In addition, an expert team of clinicians and technical experts is dedicated to providing partners with tailored live and on-call support 24/7. 

SMART EHR Key Features  

Clinical Care Management 

SmartCare solutions intelligent Clinical Care Management capability offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution with a very resilient "golden thread," resulting in less administrative work and improved patient care. 

Clinical views and dashboards are customized by role, ensuring that users have instant access to the essential information they require, giving clients accurate, timely, and high-quality care. 

Moreover, clinical decision support technologies are also offered that auto-populate assessments and care/treatment plans, saving clinical staff time. Lastly, there is a strong 'golden thread' based on sophisticated clinical care management capability that pre-populates demographic and clinical data from one stage of the process to the next. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

SmartCare Revenue Cycle Management is an intelligent, data-driven function that assists organizations in effortlessly generating, tracking, managing, and analyzing billing and financial information across various payment systems and program types. As a result, the revenue cycle is more under control with faster reimbursement and lower denial rates. 

The unified software platform provides robust billing and revenue cycle management features for all mental health and human services reimbursement mechanisms and service and program types. 


Telehealth is a powerful tool for mental health and human services businesses to adapt to the future of care by seamlessly and securely offering services wherever individuals in need desire them. It is integrated as part of the unified EHR platform. 

This feature is beneficial for customers who cannot readily access traditional in-person care and those who just prefer the convenience of receiving treatment electronically to increase access to care. 

SMART EHR Pricing 

The SMART solution doesn’t share its pricing publicly. Therefore, you may have to contact the seller to get a specific quote.  

Software Demo 

Not sure if a software solution is worthwhile? To evaluate the software in real time, you may schedule a free SMART EMR demo. The demo is an excellent method to learn about the software and its capabilities. It also assists you in determining whether the software suits your needs. 


SMART EMR reviews show that consumers are satisfied with this program. They enjoy how simple the interface is to use and that even novices can do so. Most reviews have a 4–5-star rating, indicating that users are generally pleased with the product. 

Our Thoughts

Smartcare's enterprise, cloud-based, single-platform, and intelligent technology is unique in the field of Behavioral Health and Human Services. It is a cutting-edge solution that enables Behavioral Health and Human Services organizations to fulfill their objective of assisting those in need. 

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