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TherapySource documentation software provides solutions for document management, automating workflows, compiling legible patient documents, and increasing patient safety. Now known as Surgical Information Systems, TherapySource is a highly configurable platform where physicians can access their workflows in real-time, and check schedules, and patient vitals too. Whiteboard and paper-based tracking are reduced with electronic patient tracking boards. The overall queries related to the front desk are further eliminated to focus on patient care.  

TherapySource Software Key Features 

Configurate ASC

A major solution provided by TherapySource is the all-in-one ASC system that runs on cloud-based technology. You can ensure that the correct information is provided to relevant resources. It is helpful in managing patient questionnaires, inventory, and waiting room track boards. Cloud technology protects your data, maximizes security, and even provides disaster management.  

Besides document management, a platform increases patient engagement through its user-friendly mobile EHR that is accessible through tablets, smartphones, and computers.  

SIS Complete

Therapy source documentation is further improved through integration with SIS Complete. SIS Charts are equipped with legible patient records, so they are easily accessible. It does not only help medical care providers but also patients who often face delays due to documentation. Additionally, it enables concurrent charting on the same patient while they are under care rather than providing codes after they have left. SIS Complete further provides a simple sign-off system with its cutting-edge technology. The success of patient recovery is increased with SureScripts Health Information Network to ensure that medication reconciliation is accurate. TherapySource further streamlines the type of medication used to treat specific symptoms so users can make data-driven decisions to ensure that decisions are made on time.  

SIS Charts

TherapySource EHR facilitates physicians on their end of the mobile app by presenting a list of technical tools to schedule, and access attachments, and case details through their mobile application. Moreover, comprehensive online medical documentation can be utilized to maintain details of medication administration as well as the vitals of the patients. Anaesthesia administration can also be followed throughout Preop, Intraop, and Postop.  

The integrated monitor and ventilator data collection is made accessible through integration with Nexi. On the other hand, anesthesia providers can use their smart devices to check administrative schedules.  

TherapySource Software Pricing

The pricing of software is not available on their website but interested users can connect with the sales team through their website.  

Software Demo

For a detailed insight into the TherapySource EMR, you can request a demo that can assist you with the functions provided.  


The software has been a top choice for users for many years. Generally, most of the users are satisfied with the system. 

Our Thoughts

TherapySource software is an efficiently designed system that functions as a patient tracker helps anesthesia administrators, and enhances clinical workflows. It can be concluded that software is a reliable source for physicians who want to digitize their management system in order to optimize time. 

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TherapySource Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


I only realized how bad it was when we made the switch.

January 2017



Being able to change the note type after creating it was convenient and something that our current software does not allow.
The reports are difficult to use because they are slow, unclear, hard to understand, and not easily accessible.

The software is innovative

March 2015


Medical Practice

This service is unique in its approach and provides an effective solution for connecting therapists, groups, clients, and others.
The product has the potential to do more but its functionality is currently limited. Additionally, users may find it confusing to use.

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Call us at

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