EyePegasus EHR Software

EyePegasus EHR software is a cloud-based patient management software that comes with useful applications that assist ophthalmologists in smoothly managing clinical workflows. The software offers an optical calculator and an iOS virtual check-in app. It has built-in patient communication tools, scheduling, order management, claim submission, and other features. 

The modern EHR provides optometrists with the ICD-10 auto-coding tools and E/M coder. EyePegasusehr software is budget-friendly with an intuitive user interface and built-in inventory management system for lenses, frames, and other items. Other important tools include online appointment management, dispensing optical orders, and a patient portal. 

EyePegasus EHR is a modern iPad Optometry software that comes with an easy-to-use interface. The software provides comprehensive functionality and extensive patient-provider automation features. EyePegasusis is built as a native application for the iPad with a focus on empowering optometrists and making their clinical workflows easier than ever. 

EyePegasus EHR Software Key Features 

Inventory Management 

EyePegasusehr software provides a systematic approach to managing inventories. It provides comprehensive control of the inventories of optical frames, contact lenses, and other eye care products. In short, EyePegasus EMR lets you manage your inventory without any hassle. 


The system enables users to create customized templates as well as provide appointment reminders (through SMS, calls, and emails). Customization permits the users to set up the data in their desired order. The practice management system also offers workflow customization with 100% control over examination layout. 


Writing in an optometry setting can be hard but EyePegasusEHR makes the documentation part easy for patients. They can fill out the demographics and medical history charts online using a dedicated patient portal. Moreover, the software enhances patient communication by sending automated text messages, calls, and emails for scheduling, appointment reminder, and billing. 

EyePegasus EHR Software Pricing 

EyePegasus has not provided pricing details for now but you can get an eyepegasus login by opting for a monthly subscription or lifetime license. 

Software Demo 

You can request an online or on-site demo of the software. You can see EyePegasusEHR software in action before purchasing the license. 


Eyepegasus reviews mostly tell you about how positive the optometrists are with this product. Users love the fact that ROS via their check-in app saves time per patient. Also, customer support is amazing and always available via online chat and phone. You can read more authentic reviews of the software under our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

The Software makes optical order management, appointments, referral letter generation, and electronic claim submissions easy for optometrists. The software can be deployed in optometry practices of all sizes. 

EyePegasus EHR Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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