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Are you tired of manual workforce and payroll management? BiznusSoft HR offers comprehensive features, including a holistic account view that streamlines workforce management and administrative tasks. It helps organizations reduce paper load significantly by enabling them to manage tasks digitally through a flexible software base.

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What Is BiznusSoft HR?


BiznusSoft is a cloud-based human resources (HR) and workforce management software. It provides a centralized database to streamline and optimize recruitment processes, talent management, payroll, time tracking, and analytics. It also provides employee self-service features, allowing employees to access and manage their own information.

What Is BiznusSoft HR Best For?

BiznusSoft HR offers a comprehensive time and attendance management feature that includes functionalities such as clock-in/out systems, shift scheduling, and automated calculation of working hours and overtime. This helps HR professionals ensure accurate attendance records and facilitates payroll processing.

BiznusSoft HR Pricing

The platform offers varying pricing plans depending on your organizational needs. Get personalized BiznusSoft pricing!

BiznusSoft HR Integrations

The software integrates with several third-party applications; however, the vendor has not publicly disclosed their details.

How Does BiznusSoft HR Work?

Once you have logged in, you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the BiznusSoft features with this guide:

  • Go to the employee management section to add, edit, import employee data, track personal information, performance evaluations, and manage organizational hierarchies
  • Track employee work hours, manage timesheets, handle time-off requests, set up attendance policies, and view attendance reports with the 'Time and Attendance' feature
  • Access the 'Payroll Management' section to configure payroll parameters, process payroll runs, manage tax deductions, and generate reports
  • Set performance goals, conduct evaluations, and provide feedback to employees with the 'Performance Management' feature
  • Explore the reporting or analytics section within the menu and generate various HR reports, such as headcount, turnover, attendance, and performance reports
You can also schedule a free BiznusSoft demo and learn more about its features.

Who Is BiznusSoft HR For?

BiznusSoft caters to the following business domains:

  • Information technology
  • Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Geo-spatial technology

Is BiznusSoft HR Right For You?

Are you looking for a software to help you manage workforce analytics and provide on-demand customer support? If so, look no further than BiznusSoft HR. It employs encryption techniques to safeguard confidential employee information from unauthorized access.

BiznusSoft is scalable, as its performance remains optimal even as the organization grows. This involves efficient database management, optimized algorithms, and caching mechanisms to minimize response times.

Still unsure about the software and need more information? Contact us at (661) 384-7070.

BiznusSoft HR Pricing Plans

The software offers different pricing plans for different business needs and sizes.

BiznusSoft HR Features

BiznusSoft HR includes time clock functionality to simplify day-to-day operations, allowing businesses to effectively track and manage employee work hours. Additionally, it provides managers with a comprehensive dashboard for oversight and helps them manage timesheets and handle time-off requests.

With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, BiznusSoft HR enables seamless payroll management. It automates tasks such as calculating wages, applying tax deductions, generating pay stubs, and managing direct deposits. It helps ensure accurate and timely payroll processing while complying with tax regulations and labor laws.

The software helps track and evaluate performance by enabling goal setting, performance reviews, and feedback exchanges. It facilitates the identification of high-performing workers and areas for improvement and supports employee development.

BiznusSoft empowers workers to access and manage their own information. They can view pay stubs, update personal details, submit time-off requests, and access company policies and documents. Employee self-service reduces administrative workload for HR staff and increases employee engagement.

The platform provides a range of pre-built and customizable reports and analytics to help professionals gain insights into various HR metrics. It allows you to generate reports on employee data, turnover rates, performance trends, and other key HR indicators. These reports provide valuable insights for decision-making and strategic planning.

Pros and Cons of BiznusSoft HR


  • Efficient customization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great customer support team
  • Comprehensive features


  • Customization complexity
  • Potential information overload, as per some BiznusSoft reviews

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