IntelleChart EHR Software

IntelleChart EHR Software by Nextech is an adaptive cloud-based Health IT solution designed by a retina specialist for ophthalmology and retinal practices. The solution includes Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, Practice Management (PM), Patient Portal, and Revenue Management (RM). It offers user-friendly optimizations to adapt to the unique workflows for treatment, diagnoses, and additional findings. Using IntelleChart EHR Software, clinicians can utilize an exclusive Adaptive Template Technology that selects the most appropriate template for each patient based on the right choices and filters out irrelevant information. This enables users to document information quickly. It is also certified as a Complete EHR solution by ONC & Drummond Group.

The platform comes with data-driven clinical menus for ophthalmology and pathology clinics so they can streamline charting with relevant choices. One of the IntelleChart EHR Features ‘IntelleDraw’ enables physicians to take notes and draw on images. It is ONC Health IT, ICD-10, EMV PQRS, and HIPAA integrated. On top of this, the Practice Management module streamlines the day-to-day tasks from office scheduling to billing. Physicians can get alerts regarding incorrect or missing billing information, enabling them to generate the correct corresponding ICD-10 codes. The IntelleChart EHR Tutorial additionally allows users to follow along and comprehend the product.

The software allows practice administrators to schedule appointments that can be moved from one field to another using a drag and drop. Users can also request an IntelleChart EHR Demo to get a complete overview of the solution without having to purchase it. This ICD-10 ready system ensures coding accuracy to reduce denied claims. As per IntelleChart EHR Reviews, the software easily accepts credit, debit, and FSA/HSA cards within the module at the time of check-out. Not only this, but it also updates patient payment records.

IntelleChart EHR Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

IntelleChart EHR Support: It offers online support.

IntelleChart EHR Pros: The software is easy to use. It allows users to access, view, update, and share labs with other subspecialties from anywhere. Their patient portal also improves clinical care coordination.

IntelleChart EHR Cons: The software slows down and lags a bit.

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