Jolt, by Intuiplan, is a cloud-based human resource management platform that offers businesses an efficient and scalable solution to make their simple day-to-day tasks paperless. The service is used among a variety of industry verticals from retail, restaurants and hospitality industry, beverage industry, travel, groceries, car wash, and auto repair stores, etc. With Jolt, businesses are provided with an all-in- one solution for managing employees and business operations. The solution has capabilities to handle training information, employee announcements, as well as HR issues.

Jolt helps entrepreneurs and growing businesses free up and manage their time better by offering them comprehensive tools to minimize the amount of administrative work. The platform is equipped with innovative and robust features for task automation, employee scheduling, personnel tracking, audit management, team communication, learning management, performance review, and employee training. It also features advanced compliance management options. The software helps users organize and manage employee work schedules with efficient tools to track and record them as well. Users can also access a checklist of daily tasks to be completed by employees on shift. Inspection forms may be produced for management to review standards.

Pricing: Pricing is offered as both monthly and annual packages. The monthly package costs $79.99/ per user/location while the annual package comes at $99.99/per month/location.

USP: Jolt enables users to stay on top of your business by improving staff accountability, efficiency, and productivity while at the same time decreasing the cost of labor.

Support: Support can be reached via phone, email, tickets and live training.

Product Advantages: Takes care of low priority tasks, so users can focus more time on increasing revenue. Easy-to-navigate interface to create efficient work schedules.

Product Limitations: The product itself is justly priced but the equipment and hardware can be expensive especially if you’re on a limited budget. No built-in feature for goal-setting.


Jolt reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


Alejandro H



August 2020

Ease of use

Jolt is best for everyday activities. It's easy and the customer staff is the best ever.

Customization is complicated and not possible in many areas.

Michael S

Food & Beverage Front of House Manager

51-200 employees

July 2020

We really needed this software

Jolt has made scheduling so simple for us. Many other tasks are simplified with the help of Jolt.

Sending something to an individual employee is not possible so the message goes to the entire staff.

Jake P

Director of Business Development

51-200 employees

April 2020

No better software than Jolt

So so so easy to use honestly. Absolutely in love.

No drawbacks. Highly recommended.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070