Blackboard Learn Software

What Is Blackboard Software?


Blackboard is a cloud-based Learning management system (LMS) designed for businesses and government organizations to create engaging and comprehensive online learning experiences. Its feature-rich platform includes course authoring, virtual classrooms, student collaboration tools, analytics and reporting capabilities, and more.  

With Blackboard LMS, organizations can track progress and measure the success of their training programs, helping them to maximize their training efforts and improve employee or student outcomes. 

What Is Blackboard Software Best For?

Blackboard's learning management system software stands out for its gamification and SCORM compliance capabilities. It enables organizations to reward users for completing courses or hitting specific milestones, which incentivizes users to stay engaged with the training material.  

Moreover, Blackboard's SCORM compliance guarantees that course content is consistent across various platforms, making it simple for learners to access the material from any device. 

Blackboard Software Pricing

The vendor has not disclosed the pricing plans publicly yet. However, you can still get a customized pricing plan by clicking the "Get Pricing" button above. 

Blackboard Software Integrations

Blackboard learning management system integrates with the following third-party applications: 

  • Turnitin  
  • REACH 
  • Schoology 
  • MySchool 
  • CommandCenterHD 

How Does Blackboard Software Work?

Here’s how to get started with Blackboard learning system after its successful installation: 

  • Access Blackboard through your institution’s website or by using a direct link to the software. 
  • Once logged in, familiarize yourself with the different sections of the platform, such as the course menu, announcements, discussions, and grades. 
  • Navigate to your course by clicking on its name or selecting it from the course menu. 
  • Review any materials or instructions provided by your instructor, such as the course syllabus or a welcome message. 
  • Participate in course discussions, complete assignments and assessments, and access resources as needed. 
  • Use the various tools within Blackboard, such as the content editor, to create and share your content with your instructor and classmates. 
  • Stay organized by using the calendar and to-do list features within Blackboard. 

You can also click the "Watch Demo" button above for a free Blackboard demo option and learn more about its functionalities. 

Who Is Blackboard Software For?

The following industries use Blackboard LMS software: 

  • Associations 
  • Healthcare 
  • Financial Services & Banking 
  • Extended Enterprise 
  • Government agencies 

Blackboard LMS Features

Web Design and Content Management

Blackboard's web design and content management feature enables users to create attractive and optimized websites for desktop and mobile devices. It offers customization options such as page layouts, color schemes, and more. The application's content management system (CMS) allows for intuitive content organization. Users can create pages, add content blocks, set navigation menus, and manage user permissions with ease.

Mass Notifications

Blackboard's mass notifications functionality is a powerful tool for businesses and corporations to communicate quickly and effectively with their stakeholders. The software enables organizations to send broadcasts or customized alerts to individuals via multiple channels, including email, text message, voice call, and social media. The system provides increased speed, reach, and success rate for notifications. Users can write and publish one message across multiple channels simultaneously, streamlining communication while ensuring that the message reaches its intended audience promptly.

Registration and Reporting

Blackboard's registration and reporting feature is a powerful tool for managing the full life cycle of learning information. It provides an integrated learner registration system, self-regulated tracking, e-commerce, and enterprise reporting systems and tools. Administrators can manage data in one place, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and accurate.

Web Conferencing and Collaboration

Blackboard LMS provides an easy way to stay connected and engaged using web conferencing and collaboration functionality. It offers two-way audio, multi-point video, interactive whiteboards, application and desktop sharing, breakout rooms, and session recording. Whether it's a one-on-one meeting or a large group session, Blackboard makes it easy to stay connected and engaged.

Is Blackboard Software Right For You?

Blackboard software has been certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The application meets all security requirements to protect data from unauthorized access or manipulation. It also complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), ensuring that student data is kept secure. With its intuitive design and robust features, the platform provides an optimal learning experience. Contact our experts for guidance on whether Blackboard is worth investing in.

Blackboard Software Pricing Plans

The vendor has not disclosed the pricing plans publicly yet. However, you can still get a customized pricing plan by clicking the "Get Pricing" button above. 

Blackboard Learn Software Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal


  • Gamification and SCORM compliance capabilities
  • User-friendly interface
  • ISO and PCI DSS certified for data security
  • Excellent customer support, as per Blackboard reviews


  • Difficult to customize certain features and settings
  • Blackboard suffers from occasional bugs and glitches, according to Blackboard reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Blackboard offer an API?

No, Blackboard does not offer an API

Does Blackboard support mobile devices?

Yes, Blackboard supports all iOS and Android mobile devices.

What languages does Blackboard support?

The application supports several languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, French, Italian, Turkish, and more.

What other apps does Blackboard integrate with?

The software integrates with numerous applications, including Turnitin, CANVAS, REACH, Schoology, MySchool, and CommandCenterHD.

What type of pricing plans does Blackboard offer?

The vendor has not disclosed any pricing plans publicly. You can click the Get Pricing button for a personalized pricing quote.

Who are the typical users of Blackboard?

The typical users of Blackboard software include associations, healthcare, financial services and banking, extended enterprises, and government agencies.

Blackboard Learn Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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Blackboard Learn Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Effective communication, but we need some intuitive UI upgrades!

November 2022

Brian Jackson

Schooling System

I am someone who likes to involve his students in everything related to them, like class activities or quiz planning. There are many native ways to communicate, such as personal announcements, group emails, meetings in real time, grading, setting up class hours, and getting notifications.
If you just join Blackboard, it may appear to be difficult to navigate, which may be intimidating for both the teacher and the student. The number of customizing choices available to teachers is fairly restricted.

Blackboard is the best learning management system.

August 2022

Joshua M.

Mental Health Care

It is simple to use and provides all the features I require, including autograding, the capacity to quickly produce quizzes and text, and the capacity for student participation in discussions. Great notifications and communication are available in one location for simple access. Another excellent feature is the gradebook.
To make the user interface more user-friendly, additional site navigation shortcuts could be added and clicks could be minimized. As many users prefer external applications for collaboration, communication between students and teachers, and productivity, features that allow for group projects or tasks would be helpful.

Blackboard: one of the most dependable and user-friendly LMSs available!

August 2022

Arturo L.

Advertising and marketing

Along with certification administration, expanded enterprise, and social learning features, the package offers content development and virtual classroom functionality. Blackboard Learn is compatible with mobile devices, which has proven to be very useful for us, and is available as managed hosting, self-hosting, or software-as-a-service deployments, allowing learners to access courses while on the go. The system includes an internal calendar so users are aware of deadlines. It also has an activity stream so that urgent messages, projects, and courses rise to the top. Along with e-commerce capabilities that allow customized courses to be sold outside of the company, features such as digital badges for learning successes are accessible.
The platform does not immediately give us that straightforward look, unlike its competitors in the market, so it may be challenging at first to navigate through the various menus, pages, and courses. However, it can be avoided if, for instance, our school or institution provides us with a brief tutorial on the fundamentals of this software within Blackboard. However, since Blackboard is a platform that provides us with what we need and is one of the best e-learning programs, I honestly do not see many drawbacks to it. With a little bit of updating on its outlook, it may just become a top competitor.

It enables us to create a great and effective learning environment.

June 2022

Joseph Reinhart

Education Management

Blackboard has all the necessary tools to create a great and effective online learning environment. I personally like the LTI tools, which you can integrate into Blackboard to be successful. Also, it is user-friendly and you dont have to be a tech genius to manage the tools.
Ive heard from senior professors about how challenging it is to add content to BB. The fact that course materials and syllabi are occasionally mixed up with other materials in other parts is proof of this.

A Blackboard LMS review.

June 2022

Nicki M.


Where does one even begin to describe how great Blackboard LMS is? The simplicity of this products know-how is one of its best qualities. When we first started using Blackboard LMS, I spent less than two hours teaching a sizable section of our staff how to use Blackboard. As a result, organizing a classroom is now simpler than it has been in ten years.
If you switch to this LMS from another, installation may be troublesome and time-consuming. Despite our good fortune, we still encountered issues when we transitioned. Even though it was annoying, this was done during the summer, when enrollment was the lowest.

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