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Blackboard learning management system (LMS) allows educators to create and deliver course content, assess student progress, and manage operations. The LMS, when considered in full, makes for a versatile platform. It is used by more than 100 million students and 700 corporate and government organizations around the globe. 

The software offers a wide range of features and services, including a built-in calendar to keep track of due dates, as well as an activity stream to surface important messages, projects, and courses. Its gamified design comes with ‘digital badges’ awarded against learning achievements.  

The platform also comes with e-commerce management features, facilitating the sale of courses outside the organization in addition to allowing for further customization and learning opportunities for buyers. The interface is fully available on mobile devices so learners can access courses on the go.  

Key Features  

Powerful Online Learning Management System  

Blackboard Learn is a powerful tool for creating and delivering online courses. It includes authoring tools for content creation, virtual classroom capabilities for live interaction, and certification management features for tracking learner’s progress. It also supports a ‘social learning function’ to facilitate collaboration among students.  

Assessment Management  

Blackboard Learn System Software comes with assessment management features to help educators create and share assessments with students. It includes short quizzes and detailed examinations from Blackboard’s extensive question library. Plus, you can create custom exams.  

Blackboard eLearning also supports online proctoring to ensure the integrity of online exams. 

Built-in Course Authoring  

The software includes built-in course authoring tools, making it easy for educators to create and share content. Blackboard Open LMS supports a variety of content types; you can create content in text, video, and audio formats. ‘Bb Learn’ also includes templates and themes, all designed to facilitate the creation of professional-looking courses.  

Blackboard Learn Software Pricing  

Blackboard Pricing starts at $9,500 per year. However, Blackboard Learn software pricing is calculated against the number of full-time equivalent learners using the system annually – helping organizations get the most out of their learning software without overspending.  

Contact Blackboard for more pricing details.  

Blackboard Learn Software Demo  

You can request a free Blackboard online demo to attain a complete overview of the features and benefits of the system. The company also offers a 30-day free trial period to let users explore its features in detail before they proceed with the purchase. 

Blackboard Learn Software Review  

Overall, Blackboard has received positive reviews from users and is widely praised – across platforms - for its ease of use, powerful features, mobile capabilities, and excellent customer support.  

You can go through these accounts under our Reviews section.  

Our Thoughts  

Blackboard Learn is a powerful tool for managing and delivering online courses. It is easy to use and includes a wide range of features to support educators and learners alike. In summation, it makes for an excellent choice for any educational institution looking to power-up both its teaching and learning experiences. 

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