BlueVolt Software

BlueVolt software is a channel learning and readiness solution that runs in the cloud. It comprises a learning management system and a network of manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, associations, retailers, and contractors who work together to sell products.  

Most of the companies BlueVolt works with are in the trades, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, building materials, and construction. Within the BlueVolt network, businesses can sign up for market product training courses to specific channel partners. 

With information stored in the cloud, learners and administrators can access the system whenever needed. There are options for language translation for training the global workforce. White-labeling lets businesses brand the products and services they buy through the platform. 

The reporting module can collect and show results in dashboards that you can customize. Business intelligence gives users more control over their data, making decisions based on the data to guide their training and sales efforts. The BlueVolt platform also has a built-in program to reward learners with gift cards based on how well they do. 

Key Features  

Sharing Center 

You can distribute your courses through the BlueVolt LMS, which will help drive growth. In addition, the BlueVolt Sharing Center allows you to broadcast the training you provide for your brand and products to more than 5,000 distributors, associations, and other networks. 

Course Library 

With the BlueVolt learning management system, you can immediately add industry-specific courses from the BlueVolt Course Library to help you grow your business. For example, with courses from the best publishers worldwide, you can learn about advanced professional development, productivity, safety, and more. 

Virtual Conferences 

BlueVolt Virtual Conference makes the impact of any live event bigger and lasts longer. You can combine live sessions with your university's content to create an experience that is both memorable and full of information. You can also put a recording of the event on your university's website to market it all year long. 

BlueVolt Pricing 

The company does not publicly disclose the BlueVolt pricing. However, you can contact the vendor directly to get a specific quote.  

BlueVolt Demo 

The BlueVolt demo is an excellent way to explore the software in real time. During the demo, you can navigate through different features and see if they can fulfill your requirements. In addition, you can contact the vendor to schedule a BlueVolt demo.  

BlueVolt Software Reviews 

According to BlueVolt software reviews, the software is user-friendly and provides access to several robust features. Most BlueVolt LMS reviews are positive, indicating that users are satisfied. Please scroll down for detailed advantages and disadvantages.  

Our Thoughts  

BlueVolt learning management system gives you access to an LMS solution suite for training on products and safety. As a result, you can provide sales teams with the most up-to-date information about your products in all channels. You can also use a network of connections with channel partners to boost sales. 

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