Brightspace LMS is a cloud-based learning management system designed to help professionals in higher education, K-12 institutes, and the enterprise sector. It allows for conducting both blended and online courses. Users can utilize the system to engage with learners and employees via video sessions, virtual classrooms, personalized training, and more. The digital platform includes features, such as course management, multimedia support, learner engagement, course creation, student tracking, and performance monitoring.

Brightspace from D2L, further, employs cutting-edge technology to provide interactive learning experiences. Organizations can use the system to interact with multiple stakeholders, schedule live discussions for employees, record training materials for future reference, and manage other important events. 

The e-learning software also allows instructors to assign the necessary courses to current employees and provide certificates upon training completion. Professionals can easily search the required e-learning content using comments, ratings, keywords, or any other customized search criteria. Moreover, its activity dashboard feature provides automated notifications about upcoming assignments, quiz results, and course updates, which makes it easier for parents to track their child’s performance.

Key Features

Reporting and Assessment Tools

Brightspace software comes with powerful reporting tools that enable users to dive deep into employee performance metrics. This cloud-based application lets businesses evaluate class-wide performance, send automated notifications to improve learner participation, view progress reports, and evaluate course effectiveness.

Engagement and Adoption Dashboards

This LMS gives stakeholders transparent views of where, when, and how often the learning management system gets used. As a result, users can easily evaluate enrollment data, login trends. and more. It also assists businesses in identifying at-risk learners or high performers.

Course and Content Creation

Brightspace learning management system provides powerful course authoring tools for interactive content creation. Instructors can develop new courses, move content, and transfer course plans from one year to the next. It also helps them reduce manual tasks and manage classes on a short timeline.

Brightspace Pricing

The Brightspace pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model.     The exact details for the software subscription plans, however, have not been disclosed publicly by the vendor. Still, you can click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button on top of this page to access their pricing plan.

Brightspace Demo

Please click the ‘Watch Demo’ button above to  get a visual tour of the product’s key features. This facility will also let you analyze how the LMS can benefit your unique organizational workflow.

Brightspace Reviews

Brightspace software takes pride in its overall satisfied consumer base. The application has been lauded for its pleasing user interface, robust suite of course management solutions, and multiple content delivery options. 
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Our Thoughts

Brightspace LMS is a flexible learning management platform that combines powerful course management, performance tracking, and content creation tools in one shared space. It is worth considering if you’re looking for an efficient LMS for your organization. 

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