Facing challenges with obsolete cybersecurity training? Traditional methods expose vulnerabilities to evolving threats like data breaches and phishing attacks. INFIMA, a leading-edge LMS, offers a solution by streamlining training, simulating real-world scenarios, and ensuring robust security, trusted by industry leaders for its scalability and reliability.

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INFIMA is a cloud-based Learning Management Software (LMS) that enhances cybersecurity through streamlined training and prioritizes data privacy. It offers a comprehensive solution with advanced features for businesses across various industries. INFIMA LMS provides customized security solutions, a user-friendly interface, and robust security features, fostering a strong security culture within organizations. It also facilitates automated human risk management.

What Is INFIMA Best For?

INFIMA Software is known for its exceptional user-focused security training platform. It offers courses and training on cybersecurity topics, empowering individuals and teams to enhance their knowledge and skills. The software stands out with its interactive practice labs, comprehensive assessments, and detailed progress reports, providing a holistic learning experience. INFIMA supports learning with its focus on practical application and skill development.

INFIMA Pricing

The software offers various pricing options that cater to many organizations and their evolving needs. Request a custom INFIMA cost.

INFIMA Integrations

The software integrates with the following third-party applications:

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365

How Does INFIMA Work?

Get started with INFIMA LMS after the installation is completed:

  • Log in to the software using the credentials
  • Navigate with a user-friendly interface
  • They can easily browse and access cybersecurity training courses
  • Interactive practice labs allow for practical application
  • Assessments measure knowledge retention and proficiency
  • Progress reports highlight performance and areas for improvement
For detailed information about the features and functionality, watch a free INFIMA demo.

Who Is INFIMA For?

INFIMA helps portfolio managers identify which employees are more vulnerable to phishing attacks. Market participants also use the platform engaged in front office administration, analysts, and traders. Moreover, the following industries use INFIMA LMS:

  • Sales
  • Hospitality
  • Legal and professional firms
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance

Is INFIMA Right For You?

Are you seeking fully automated security software that goes beyond traditional approaches to protect your organization from cyber threats and will help you satisfy regulators in your company? INFIMA LMS, an award-winning platform, might be the perfect choice.

Trusted by the industry, the software provides exceptional security and scalability. It uses the latest insights to understand the market behavior of a potential future borrower. Additionally, the software assists you in maintaining insurance requirements, helping you make decisions with the potential for success.

Still unsure if INFIMA is right for you? Contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070, who will help you make the best decision.

INFIMA Features

INFIMA provides several comprehensive cybersecurity training programs covering topics such as ethical hacking, network security, incident response, and secure coding. These online courses are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals and teams in cybersecurity. You can also automate training programs to ensure that employees stay on track.

The software offers interactive practice labs that simulate real-world cybersecurity scenarios. Users can engage in hands-on exercises, perform practical tasks, and apply their knowledge in a safe and controlled environment. It helps learners gain practical experience and develop critical cybersecurity skills.

This feature includes assessments to evaluate learners' understanding and progress. It offers quizzes, tests, and practical assessments to measure knowledge retention and proficiency. Additionally, INFIMA LMS provides certification programs to recognize and validate learners' cybersecurity skills and expertise.

INFIMA is a fully automated platform that supports users with real-time insights. It provides detailed reports on learners' performance, including assessment scores, completion status, and areas of improvement. The software assists individuals and organizations in tracing progress and identifying areas that require further focus.

Pros and Cons of INFIMA


  • Exceptional cybersecurity training programs
  • Intuitive user experience with a user-friendly interface
  • Engage in hands-on exercises through realistic practice labs
  • Evaluate knowledge retention with varied quizzes and tests
  • Recognize and validate cybersecurity skills with INFIMA certifications


  • Some users may find the platform's advanced features initially challenging
  • Course personalization options could be more extensive, according to some INFIMA reviews
  • Advanced functionalities overwhelm

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