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LatitudeLearning is a cloud-based LMS that manages long-term training programs for businesses. The learning platform makes it easier to provide high-quality training through all of your network's channels. In addition, you can control consistency throughout the training process and ensure that everyone gets trained and gets a customized learning experience. 

With Latitude LMS, you can give each of your external learning audiences and partners a training experience that is unique to them. These segments include internal employees, contract/contingent workers, gig workers, customers, services, resellers, franchisees, suppliers, dealers, distributors, manufacturers, agents/brokers, and service providers. 

Key Features  

Customizable Courses 

Students can take courses on their own or with the help of an instructor. Users can add and change courses, course catalogs, majors, and training providers. Courses can be used in more than one-course catalog simultaneously. LatitudeLearning is flexible, so users can make their interfaces and web pages and have an HTML editor, a stylesheet editor, and an image library. 

Open Development 

You can work with the vendor to develop, build, and add new features to the LMS. Using a transparent process, the vendor's product development team may listen to your ideas where they make sense, hold a vote to decide which ones are most important, and even ask you for money to speed up development that fits your needs. You can also help with backend coding (there may be some rules) and beta testing to improve the LMS. 

Engaged Learners 

The Latitude LMS lets you create a catalog of courses that training admin and learners can choose from to fill in their knowledge gaps. You can also use the Latitude LMS space to build a community where students can share their ideas and knowledge. In the same way, you can push training administrators and their students to finish your training program by giving them incentives to reach their goals. 

LatitudeLearning Pricing 

Are you wondering about the LatitudeLearning pricing? With the monthly user-based model, you can have unlimited course enrollments for a maximum number of active users.  

They also offer an annual subscription-based model that lets a total number of active users sign up for a maximum number of courses. With enrollment-based pricing, training organizations can match the costs of their LMS with the money they make from enrollments. 

Latitude Learning Demo 

You can also try the free demo version of the LatitudeLearning software to see if it fits your needs. The LatitudeLearning demo is a great way to try out the software and make a final choice. Please talk to the seller about setting up a demo. 

LatitudeLearning Software Reviews 

Most of the reviews of Latitude LMS are positive, giving it 4 to 5 stars. Users say that LatitudeLearning software is straightforward to use and speeds up the process of learning. You can scroll down to learn more about the pros and cons of LatitudeLearning Software. 

Our Thoughts  

LatitudeLearning delivers a more straightforward approach to organizing training throughout your entire organization. LatitudeLearning, designed to accommodate the intricacies of partner training, enables enterprises to structure, produce, manage, and track learning content to specific audiences.

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