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What Is LEAi Software?


LEAi by LearnExperts is a web-based course content building solution that empowers organizations to efficiently create instructor-led training, eLearning courses, knowledge base articles, virtual class content, presentations, webinars, videos, and more. 

It significantly improves the effectiveness of knowledge-sharing initiatives by enabling users to quickly develop, disseminate, and monitor training materials that align with their learning objectives.

What Is LEAi Best For?

LEAi is best for creating effective course content for a variety of training formats, including instructor-led training, eLearning, knowledge base articles, virtual class content, presentations, webinars, and videos. With LEAi, businesses can replace outdated processes and traditional word-processing tools to create engaging and impactful training materials.

LEAi Pricing Plans

The LEAi pricing details have not been made public by the vendor. To learn more about the cost of LEAi, click on Get Pricing. 

LEAi Integrations

The vendor has not disclosed whether LEAi can integrate with third-party software applications.

How Does LEAi Work?

Follow these basic steps to start using the LEAi learning content creation tool:

  • Log in to your dashboard 
  • Select the course content and upload your training material 
  • Define the metrics for measuring learning outcomes (e.g., grades, completion time, test scores) 
  • Use LEAi's user-friendly content tools to design, organize, and customize the learning content based on your objectives 
  • Set up the delivery mechanism for your courses (online or in-person) 
  • Invite employees by sending them a course page link to start their learning journey 
  • Make necessary adjustments to enhance the user experience with your course materials 

Contact Software Finder support for more assistance. Click "Watch Demo" to schedule a LEAi demo and learn more about its functionality.

Who Is LEAi For?

LEAi learning management software is a versatile solution for freelancers, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises to create effective learning content. It offers solutions for various training aspects, including HR, sales enablement, customer success, and product management.

LEAi Features

LEAi software provides the following core features for creating, sharing, and managing training programs:

Course Content Writer

Simplify the process of generating learning objectives and foundational content with LEAi. It can import documents, presentations, webpages, and wikis from subject matter experts, allowing businesses to create and sync learning materials efficiently.


LearnAdvisor, a patented feature of LEAi, continuously searches for learning best practices. It offers suggestions for improving learning materials and can make automatic changes upon your approval. This feature helps organizations bridge learning gaps effectively.

Course Exporter

With LEAi, you can easily choose the preferred training delivery format. Whether it's instructor-led training, eLearning, presentations, webinars, videos, or more, LEAi provides diverse course formats to cater to different audiences.

Microlearning Creator

LEAi simplifies complex training material by breaking it down into smaller courses. This approach enhances comprehension and navigation for learners while also facilitating better information retention.

Test Question Generator

You can automatically generate assessment questions for training material or course content with LEAi. These questions assess learners' understanding of key concepts and facilitate effective knowledge evaluation.

Course Updater

Streamlines course upgradation with LEAi by allowing simultaneous updates for all courses. This saves significant time compared to updating each course individually.

Is LEAi Right For You?

You should consider LEAi if you want to overcome your organizational learning and training challenges. This solution streamlines the updating of training materials, manages requests for new course content, and facilitates the creation of shorter learning modules. LEAi also helps adapt and reformat training materials to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

Notable brands using LEAi include Adobe, Tribe Dynamics, and Demand Base. 

LEAi Pricing Breakdown

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LEAi Software Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does LEAi offer an API?

API access is not available.

Does LEAi support mobile devices?

There is no indication of compatibility with mobile devices.

What other apps does LEAi integrate with?

The vendor has not indicated that LEAi can integrate with third-party software applications.

What type of pricing plans does LEAi offer?

The vendor has not publicized the LEAi pricing details. For more information on LEAi pricing, click on Get Pricing.

Who are the typical users of LEAi?

Freelancers, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises can use LEAi to create instructor-led training programs. The software provides solutions for training, human resources (HR), sales enablement, customer success, and product management.

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