Metrics That Matter

What Is Metrics That Matter?


Metrics that Matter (MTM) is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations measure and improve their learning and development programs. The software offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for training evaluation and analytics. 

With this LMS, organizations can make data-driven decisions to improve business outcomes with effective learning programs. Metrics that Matter provides organizations with a powerful tool for evaluating and improving their training programs. It helps businesses develop and retain a skilled workforce, increase productivity, and achieve their goals. 

What Is Metrics That Matter Best For?

Metrics That Matter software offers many powerful capabilities, but its ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) is the most popular. This feature enables businesses to easily monitor their progress against goals, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategic actions for driving employee performance. 

The software also provides detailed analytics that allows users to track and analyze important metrics across different departments and compare their performance against industry benchmarks. 

Metrics That Matter Pricing

Metrics That Matter pricing starts from $17,000 annually 

The pricing is calculated using a usage-based model. For more details on Metrics That Matter pricing plans, click Get Pricing

Metrics That Matter Integrations

The Metrics That Matter platform can integrate with your organization's enterprise systems, such as LMS, HRIS, and Talent Management Suites. 

Through this integration, Metrics That Matter eliminates errors in manual evaluations. Doing so creates an automated and flexible system to gather feedback for any learning asset across your organization. 

Meanwhile, the Metrics That Matter LMS software Connect APIs keep all your systems synced, ensuring everyone views the same data. 

How Does Metrics That Matter Work?

Follow these basic steps to start using Metrics That Matter for developing an effective learning measurement: 

  • Log in with the details that you used when creating your account 
  • You will be presented with a dashboard that shows various analytics and metrics 
  • Configure the software to display the data you want to track 
  • Use the data provided to identify opportunities for growth, spot potential issues, and develop strategies to improve your performance trends 
  • Monitor the learning analytics data regularly to measure progress and make necessary adjustments 
  • Take advantage of the automated reports feature to save time by scheduling regular updates on your progress 

Contact Software Finder support for more assistance. Click "Watch Demo" to schedule a Metrics That Matter demo and learn more about its functionality. 

Who Is Metrics That Matter For?

Metrics That Matter software is most suitable for mid-sized to large business organizations. Businesses across many industries can use it feasibly, including the following:  

  • Retail 
  • Hospitality 
  • Healthcare 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Finance 
  • Government  

The software is also ideal for startups looking to handle their data and analytics better. With customizable visual dashboards, you can easily track your key performance indicators (KPIs) and get instant feedback on your performance. 

Plus, Metrics That Matter software is designed with scalability in mind so that it will grow with your business.

Metrics That Matter Features

Key features of Metrics That Matter include: 

Descriptive Analytical Methodologies

Use insights based on data and validated survey instruments. Metrics That Matter has expert knowledge in specific fields with over 18 years of experience. 


Use analytical evaluation methods to identify patterns and insights that connect learning effectiveness with business outcomes. 

Scaled Automation

Send evaluations automatically to participants and instructors on the final training day. You can also choose to send them at a later point specified after the training. 

Portfolio Measurement Strategies

Align your organization's learning portfolio with the key drivers of your business value. You can then implement an evaluation plan strategically tailored to your business goals. 

Proprietary Multiple Metrics

Use a standardized set of metrics to evaluate your learning programs' quality, performance, and effectiveness. 

Connecting Experiences

You can analyze 360 use cases using Metrics that Matter and make connections throughout the employee journey. 


Utilize automatically generated reports available on demand with dynamic features. These reports include key metrics like performance trends, predicted cost-benefit ratios, and estimated performance improvement. 

Is Metrics That Matter Right For You?

Metrics That Matter software is ideal for businesses that want to improve employee performance and business outcomes via data-driven decisions. It provides comprehensive features, including KPIs tracking, real-time analytics, goal tracking, and automated event alerts. 

It is an easy-to-use software with intuitive dashboards and customizable KPIs. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with other business systems, including talent management, for a complete view of the business. 

Notable customers of Metrics That Matter include NASA, Kellogg's, and Princeton University. Mid-sized businesses to large enterprises seeking meaningful ROI will find Metrics That Matter quite beneficial.  

Metrics That Matter Pricing Breakdown

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Metrics That Matter Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal


  • Scalable
  • Offers proprietary metrics
  • Cloud-based


  • Difficult to navigate for new users
  • Requires time to learn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Metrics That Matter supports mobile devices?

The vendor has not indicated compatibility with mobile devices.

What languages does Metrics That Matter support?

Multi-language support is available.

What other apps does Metrics That Matter integrate with?

The Metrics That Matter platform can integrate with your organization's enterprise systems, such as LMS, HRIS, and Talent Management Suites.

What type of pricing plans does Metrics That Matter offer?

Metrics That Matter pricing starts from $17,000 annually, calculated according to a usage-based model. For more details on Metrics That Matter pricing plans, click Get Pricing.

Who are the typical users of Metrics That Matter?

Mid-sized to large organizations in diverse industries can use the software.

Metrics That Matter Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Metrics That Matter reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


We had a positive experience and found that supporting our business needs was easy.

October 2021


Information Services

You can easily view students feedback through data analysis.
We would like a dashboard that presents a summary of instructor performance throughout the year. Additionally, we would like to set up notifications specifically for instructors with low performance rates as reminders.

The Reporting feature is great.

October 2021


Information Technology and Services

New users often have difficulty finding the menu, which can also be slow to load.

Review by JCI Manager

October 2021


Facilities Services

I can analyze the given data to determine the ROI, evaluate the instructors performances, and assess the relevance of the course materials.
Finding specific data can be challenging and sometimes MTM doesnt separate company data by region or field, instead putting it all together.

The course was excellent.

March 2021


Paper & Forest Products

The information provided was very informative and well-organized.
The course should have been longer and more detailed.

Optimal client support.

August 2019



The customer service was excellent. They were very fast.
If you need to change your email address associated with your data, you must contact support. Thats what I had to do in my case.

Call us at

(661) 384-7070

Call us at

(661) 384-7070