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PeopleFluent software is a cloud-based learning management system designed for learning, recruitment, compensation, management, succession, and employee management. The digital platform is suitable for midsize and large enterprises. It helps HR professionals, managers, and other staff members with reporting, career path management, onboarding, business charting, and more. The program’s drag drop interface is offered to streamline content authoring activities for managers, enabling them to combine video, text, and screen captures in one place.

The application allows instructors to utilize slide sharing, social learning, and automated video transcription functionalities to create, catalog, and share training materials through an intuitive interface. It also includes social learning, e-commerce, compliance management, and content management. Administrators can track, import, and publish AICC and SCORM compliant courses, as well as deliver them to learners. Further,  PeopleFluent lets trainers conduct compliance training programs, generate insightful reports, and track deadlines.   

Key Features

Succession Plan

Succession planning is an absolute necessity for continuity, stability, and opportunity within an organization. PeopleFluent LMS charts progress, skills, and goals to help employees understand the opportunities for future growth and roles within the organization. The system also makes it easier for businesses to identify candidates who are best suited for the executive track. 


The PeopleFluent software allows managers and HR professionals to streamline, automate, and centralize the entire onboarding process. They can easily create rules, tasks, and lists for new hires, and then delegate them to staff as required. On top of this, they can get the needed electronic signatures and transfer important paperwork.

Staff Development

The staff development functionality of the application lets employees measure skill sets and close skill gaps. They can stay on top of trends in employee performance and find out who is working as per business requirements and who needs to work harder. 

PeopleFluent Pricing

PeopleFluent pricing structure is based on the subscription-based model. The exact pricing for the software is not disclosed by the vendor. You can contact the vendor to obtain its pricing information.

PeopleFluent Demo

You can see the product in action by simply scheduling a free PeopleFluent demo. A comprehensive product demo will give a hands-on feel of the system and let you explore how it can benefit your organization.

PeopleFluent Reviews

PeopleFluent LMS has received positive reviews from its users. The software is lauded for its ease of use and its ability to effectively execute and track learning programs. However, some users have complained about the application’s messy database tables. All in all, PeopleFluent is considered as a well-rounded platform that offers a bunch of useful features.

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Our Thoughts

PeopleFluent is an all-inclusive learning management system that offers all the tools administrators need to create and execute their entire learning program. It is an ideal option for users looking for a powerful program to foster a culture of perpetual learning.

PeopleFluent Learning Software

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