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PeopleFluent Learning Software

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PeopleFluent Learning is designed to address the complexities of training management. The software’s innovative features allow for streamlined and intuitive learning experiences, making it a robust solution for any organization aiming to enhance its workforce's skills.

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What Is PeopleFluent Learning?


PeopleFluent Learning is a flexible software solution that provides tools for developing and executing the entire learning program of a business. It covers a broad spectrum of talent management aspects such as compensation, learning, org charting, performance, recruiting, succession, and compliance management. PeopleFluent Learning is recognized for its ability to handle large employee bases, focusing on intuitive, multi-lingual features and rapid expansion capabilities.

PeopleFluent Learning Pricing

Several factors may influence the PeopleFluent Learning price, such as:
  • Features and functionality
  • User volume
  • Customization

PeopleFluent Learning Integrations

The PeopleFluent learning management system offers strong third-party integration through its HTTP-based APIs. These APIs allow for real-time importing and exporting of data between the LMS and external systems. Common web data formats such as XML, JSON, Atom and RSS can be utilized via the APIs, facilitating seamless integration.

Who Is PeopleFluent Learning For?

PeopleFluent Learning is designed for small to large organizations. The software is particularly beneficial for the following sectors and industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Financial services
Watch a PeopleFluent Learning demo for more information.

Is PeopleFluent Learning Right For You?

PeopleFluent Learning is an excellent choice for organizations looking to effectively manage high-consequence learning programs. If your business values measuring the effect of learning and development, providing training and certifications, or ensuring company-wide compliance, it is a tool worth considering. PeopleFluent Learning pricing plans include integrations with existing systems, making it an easy addition to your current infrastructure. For security and compliance protocols, the software ensures that all data is handled securely and that all learning programs comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Read PeopleFluent Learning reviews to explore how existing users benefit from the software. Or contact Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 for further assistance.

PeopleFluent Learning Software Features

Organizations can establish ongoing feedback processes, productive one-on-ones, and analytics to help employees grow. It goes beyond basic human capital management (HCM) capabilities to help people reach their full potential.

The compensation management solution aligns an organization's compensation strategy with its unique nature. It provides a depth of functionality to execute total rewards programs and augment other enterprise systems.

The succession planning system strengthens an organization's ability to identify, retain, and elevate leaders. It helps develop and maintain a healthy leadership pipeline through flexible tools for identifying and nurturing future leaders.

PeopleFluent's learning solutions help manage high-consequence training programs by measuring learning impact, providing certifications and compliance training, and tracking analysis. Administrators can deliver, track, and analyze learning and its business effects.

The org charting tool OrgPublisher provides insights into workforce structure through innovative modeling. It helps organizations gain clarity, align talent with goals, control costs, and enable strategic workforce planning through succession, diversity, and other analyses.

Pros and Cons of PeopleFluent Learning Software


  • Helps to create and store materials and assets for learning
  • Businesses can evaluate and adjust programs for better results
  • Manages and automates course communications


  • Customer support could improve, as per one PeopleFluent Learning review
  • Difficult to navigate

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Yes, API access is available.

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