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TalentCards is a mobile learning application that utilizes the effectiveness of microlearning to create accessible training solutions. The software allows employees to study and review crucial training material in as little as five minutes per day.  

The platform, as such, is designed for individuals whose occupations keep them on the move—in contrast to standard LMSs, which are geared for individuals who work from a fixed desk location. Its content is delivered via stylish and engaging learning cards.  

As a subscriber, you can use text, image, video, audio, and links to create effective classes online and propagate them directly to your team's smartphones. With TalentCards, you are guaranteed real outcomes such as elevated engagement, increased task completion rates, and lowered (typical) training expenses.  

Key Features 

Deskless Training 

Employees, as goes a common field complaint, who are not confined to an office desk for their work should not be required to sit behind one for training either. This is where TalentCards comes to the rescue. It allows you – as a subscriber - to make sure your employees acquire the information they need without slowing them down (as well as maintaining constant communication by providing them with training material that can be accessed from a smartphone). 


The ‘Microlearning’ feature enables pupils to master both existing materials as well as pick up new knowledge in small, manageable bits. Students stay interested in the content and retain more knowledge over time when learning is broken up into 5- to 7-minute segments (as experience shows). 

Build Engaging Card-sets 

To ensure that your staff enjoys your training sessions, you can produce content that is engaging for learners by adding photos, graphs, audio, video, and linkages to online URLs. 

Gamification of the Training Process  

With the help of TalentCards, studying can become a habit. Each time a user finishes a card set or quiz, they receive points. The leadership board, further, provides a place where your entire team can compete for positions. 

Train Learners in their Native Language 

TalentCards is a micro-learning platform that helps your training get over language barriers with availability up to 13 languages. It enables your students to concentrate on your content rather than translations so they may benefit fully from their training. 

TalentCards Pricing  

Free for up to 5 users, TalentCards comes in two pricing plan arrangements: 

  • Standard: starting at $50/month 
  • Premium: starting at $75/month 

Get a personalized quote from TalentCards for plans with more than 2,000 users’ access. 

TalentCards Demo  

A free demo of the TalentCards learning solution is available from the vendor website. 

TalentCards Reviews  

Our clients love the idea of bite-sized learning and have left many positive reviews on our site’s TalentCards page. Admins find it to be an excellent learning solution for their teams and report it to be easy in terms of both creative-prowess and usability.  

You can visit our dedicated Reviews page to read these accounts and to see how TalentCards is helping learners in their e-learning journeys.  

Our Thoughts 

With TalentCards software, you can provide quick and effective learning to field personnel who are constantly on the move. The platform, as such, is more than simply a flashcard app.  

By utilizing the power of microlearning and the interactive gamification features, it allows you to turn boring learning exchanges into fun, gamified experiences. 

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