TrainCaster LMS

What Is TrainCaster?


TrainCaster is a cloud-based LMS (learning management system) that simplifies online training. It offers course creation, content management, tracking, and reporting features. With centralized training data, it streamlines administration and compliance processes, allowing you to automate reporting and delegate tasks easily. 

Delegate administrative tasks and create default messages to ensure compliance with company communication standards. Overall, TrainCaster is a great solution for organizations looking to maximize the effectiveness of their training programs.

What Is TrainCaster Best For?

The team at TrainCaster LMS is exceptional in helping organizations implement their online training programs. Furthermore, they help integrate with your existing systems and provide custom solutions to tailor the platform to your business's needs.  

TrainCaster Pricing

TrainCaster software pricing is based on a sliding scale, meaning you can pay for extra features as your business grows. It also offers a free trial so you can check out the software’s capabilities.  

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TrainCaster Integrations

TrainCaster learning management supports TinCan API, which can easily integrate with other systems. However, the vendor has not specified the integrations options.  

How Does TrainCaster Work

This section will act as a guide for new users of TrainCaster software.  

  • Click the "Create Course" button on the dashboard to add course details, upload content, set up quizzes, and assign instructors 
  • Manage the training content from the "Content" tab. Add and edit content, organize it by topic or category, and set up content access rules 
  • Assign courses to your employees or learners from the "Assign" tab 
  • From the "Reports" tab, you can monitor the progress of your learners and track their completion rates, quiz scores, and other metrics 

To get an in-depth look at how TrainCaster works, click the "Watch Demo" button above. 

Who Is TrainCaster For?

TrainCaster learning management system is ideal for organizations of all sizes looking to improve the effectiveness of their training programs. It's particularly useful for admins, trainers, and managers who develop and track training progress.  

TrainCaster Features

The following TrainCaster software features can help increase the effectiveness of your training program and automate administrative tasks: 

Course Authoring

Create effective eLearning courses that will benefit both your employees and customers. With simple tools for creating courses and quizzes and compatibility with popular desktop applications, you can start delivering courses immediately.  


Generate personalized reports for training and compliance quickly. You can monitor training compliance and create real-time reports from a central data source. Receive data automatically in your inbox by setting up automatic reporting.  

User Management

With TrainCaster LMS, you can manage course assignments, grant administrative privileges, and allow trainers to access course content and data. You have complete control over who can view which information. The software offers all the necessary features for initiating online training and enhancing employee knowledge.

Grouping Categories

You can use grouping categories, such as department and location, to assign courses to users or organize reporting results. This feature can help you manage users and assignments more efficiently.  

Quizzes And Final Exams

You can make question banks on specific subjects and use them to generate quizzes at the end of each topic. Set how many questions to include, the passing score, and whether answers should be randomized. The system automatically grades all quizzes & exams and provides links to related material for incorrect answers. You can add comments to explain mistakes or offer feedback.  

Automatic Reminders

TrainCaster sends a personalized training reminder to inform trainees when the training due date is nearing. It automatically tracks attendees and due dates, and sends reminders through SMS, email, or both.   


Include a post-training survey to evaluate if the course content met trainee expectations. Ask for feedback and ratings from trainees and check the Course Information Report to review the responses. 

Is TrainCaster Right For You?

TrainCaster is a cloud-based training management system trusted by organizations of all sizes, including Intermolecular, WeGo, Brandeis, and more. It is a SCORM and AICC-compliant software that offers advanced security features, flexible options, and built-in tools to create and upload training content.  

This allows you to purchase courses from third-party vendors or create your own using SCORM-compliant tools like Storyline or Captivate. With TrainCaster, you can easily create courses and add images, links, and videos without any coding skills.  

Go through the Traincaster reviews or contact our customer support team to see whether the TrainCaster cost is worth it.  


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TrainCaster Pricing Plans

TrainCaster software pricing is available on request. They have customized quotes that change depending on your requirements. Click the "Get Pricing" button above and get a quote tailored to your needs.  

TrainCaster LMS Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal


  • Customer support is outstanding
  • The reporting feature offers details insights into course progress
  • Tracking and storing of training records is incredibly helpful


  • Editing a PowerPoint can be a tedious process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does TrainCaster offer an API?

Yes, TrainCaster is SCORM compliant and also offers TinCan API integration.

Does TrainCaster support mobile devices?

No, the vendor has not mentioned any support for mobile devices.

What languages does a TrainCaster support?

TrainCaster currently supports English.

What other apps does a TrainCaster integrate with?

The vendor has not mentioned specific integrations.

What type of pricing plans does TrainCaster offer?

TrainCaster offers customized pricing plans tailored to your needs. To get a quote, click the Get Pricing button.

Who are the typical users of TrainCaster?

TrainCaster is ideal for admins, trainers, and managers of small to large organizations who need to manage and track training progress.

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Large Organization

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