ON24 software enhances virtual events with interactive features and robust analytics. Despite steep pricing, its intuitive platform and comprehensive tools enable businesses to host engaging webinars and drive audience engagement. ON24 is invaluable for successful virtual event execution and audience interaction.

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ON24 is an interactive cloud-based workspace collaboration and webcasting platform that enables businesses to engage with their employees, potential and existing customers through visual content. The platform empowers businesses with data-rich content and interactive webinars. Used for marketing, communication, and training activities, ON24 not only attracts but inspires the audience to make data-driven smart business decisions. by integrating on-camera talent, video clips, and screen sharing, marketers can create demo experiences for a diverse audience.

The solution offers marketers, sales teams, and customer support agents with tools to create Live, On-Demand, and Personalized Engagement to be further turned into actionable intelligence and integrated across company operations. Key features include customer engagement, demand generation, product marketing, continuing education, enablement, branding, certification, internal communications, and external communications.

ON24 provides businesses with certification and ongoing education features to present multimedia content such as chaptered video series to test, live training, and demand generation webinars as well as tools to track and assess performance. It also offers a highly interactive webcasting service that focuses on customizable platforms and information gathering.

Pricing: Not provided by the vendor.

USP: The software offers support for two platforms to be hosted at one time. Behavioral insights feature to determine the quality of the leads captured. Informed by over a billion engagement minutes, marketers drive more revenue from ON24 than any other channel.

Support: Support is extended through phone and email.

Product Advantages: Extremely simple setup and user-friendly interface. Great platform to communicate with the customer base.

Product Limitations: Buffering videos is not as smooth as it should be, sudden screen freezing causes many frustrations. Spotty customer support, too much wait time. Integrating paid add-ons can be a hassle. Cannot run more than one webcam at a time.

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  • It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.


  • It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.

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