Moovila is the premier project management technology that allows organizations to work autonomously. They can use it to create, track and monitor their work and mitigate any project risks. The software has introduced intelligent upgrades to project management and empowered teams to improve their productivity.  

With real-time monitoring project managers can identify potential risks and monitor the factors or resource dependencies to avoid them completely. The software performs the duties of a team of analysts who will flawlessly review every file for each project. They provide instant updates on the company’s portfolio so users do not need to seek any other resource. Companies benefit from the visualization tools and scoring to run critical operations and ensure tasks are executed with the utmost accuracy. Moovila offers predictability and consistency across the board for all the project teams.  

This project management software has AI-enabled features for work management so users can connect with people working on the same task. Moovila is capable of reducing risks and fast-tracking execution for all tasks. It manages workflows and seamlessly integrates relevant tasks according to their capacity and schedule. All resources can be aligned with a single click to ensure maximum efficiency for all users. Moovila comes with a built-in project manager that can manage the entire organizational ecosystem. Data is integrated within a single platform and users can view their project progress and visualize the roadmap. 

Moovila Pricing: Moovila follows a subscription-based model and is moderately expensive. They do not offer a free trial nor is there a free version available. Interested businesses can contact their local vendor to schedule an in-person demonstration of the software. 

Moovila Project Management Pros: Moovila uses technology that supports the best project management practices. Their algorithms follow critical paths and consistently deliver accurate predictions and forecast project outcomes. The software includes the flagship Critical Path Engine which can create digital programs for the project. The software collects data to predict timelines and assists users with building schedules that follow a risk-free structure.  

Users can monitor potential risk factors in real-time and identify hidden bottlenecks, delayed tasks, resource interdependencies and the financial impact of each setback. 

Moovila Project Management Cons: There is limited support offered for foreign languages and the software is designed for English-speaking users only. It is a sophisticated software and cannot be used as a simple task management tool.  

Highlighted Features 

Project Assessment: Moovila comes with a Robotic Project Assessment Index or RPAX which scores potential risks. The objective of this feature is to promote the best practices and identify any hidden risks. It alerts users about possible delays or bottlenecks in the timeline. 

Project Debugging: The software is the only option available on the market that includes a project debugger tool. Managers have a clear view of any actionable items and the visualization tool showcases any structural flaws in the plan. The debugger can also identify potential errors and help teams take measures to prevent them.  

Path Visualization: Moovila presents insights in a way that they are easy to read at a glance. The status of the project including dependencies is visually displayed for users. The path and expected delivery date can be seen clearly and team members can take actions towards achieving them. Moovila’s critical path visualization is much better than a Gantt chart.  

AI Assistant: Moovila comes with Carmen, an AI assistant, analyst, and project coach designed to help accelerate progress. Carmen guides all team members through the remediation process and offers real-time feedback. It continues to learn as it moves along and has a micro-step algorithm that enables it to continuously improve.

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