Mosaic is a project management software powered by Artificial Intelligence. The web-based platform comes packed with features that boost productivity levels and increase profitability. It has integration capabilities and can be synchronized with a third-party project and financial management software like Jira, Zapier, Slack, Deltek, Outlook, and Quickbooks. The software automatically collects data from all users and updates the project status. Managers can review the progress and see what everyone is working on at all times. 

Teams have the ability to generate accurate bills, forecast trends, manage resource capacity, and come up with strategic plans to share the workload. Mosaic makes heavy spreadsheets obsolete and provides a new and more efficient way to do business. The workflow visibility allows users to view their schedules, tasks, and related operations. Managers can assign personnel to action items and also add priority labels or due dates. It is easier to take down minutes of the meeting and share them with others.  

Mosaic has features that simplify project scheduling and links dependent tasks. Users and managers can track time and evaluate expected delivery dates. It is easier to monitor budgets and keep an eye on expenses with the financial planning module. Team leaders can target profitability and align their business goals with the help of multifunctional capabilities. The software is best suited for project teams working at growing companies of all sizes and scales. Users who need a highly visual tool for resource and task management will find a promising solution in Mosaic. 

Mosaic Pricing: Mosaic offers three packages for professionals, businesses, and enterprises. The pricing starts at a monthly $9.99 per user and there are annual packages available too. There is no free version available but interested buyers can avail the 30-day free trial to test the software themselves. 

Mosaic Project Management Pros: Their customer and technical support team is very responsive and helps resolve issues in record time. They have all the information regarding the features and are well-informed on new updates. The communication channels on Mosaic are suitable for keeping in touch with other members. The company continues to improve its product and introduce new features to help businesses stay ahead.  

Mosaic Project Management Cons: The task view has a few bugs and items often disappear when they are marked as completed. The system automatically updates the weekly timesheets, but they have multiple entries which need to be manually removed.  

Highlighted Features 

Task Visibility: Managers, team leaders, and users gain insights into their own tasks and those of their group members. They can filter them by priority, assigned person, or dependency. It provides a complete overview of the completed and pending items so users know how quickly the project is moving along. 

Planning Automation: Mosaic comes with Artificial Intelligence capabilities that help optimize the internal work processes. It learns from the data and makes accurate forecasts and predictions about delivery dates and budgetary limits. The software can also evaluate the workload and make suggestions on how to boost productivity amongst teams.  

Data Visualization: There are built-in templates to accelerate reporting and produce more accurate figures. The tables and graphs are customizable and can be edited to make them even more visually appealing. Stakeholders can gauge the progress at a glance and study the potential risks associated with project management.  

Strategic Decision Making: Mosaic summarizes the project’s outlook through insightful metrics and KPIs. The dashboard has a simple interface so busy managers have all the relevant data in front of them instantly. The AI tool can help make decisions by offering suggestions or recommendations relevant to the success of the project.

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